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Spirit Science 4 ~ Male & Female Energy

Male and Female energy are the Yin and the Yang, the In and the Out, the Up and the Down. For within every “One” (or of course the all encompassing One), there is a two. For every male, there is a female. For every female, there is male to create a balance.

I’m speaking from a perspective of vibration. I want you to really take this concept outside of your ideas about people in specific. This is something that is everywhere, it works through everything, and its just a matter of looking for it, and asking the right questions.

When you can SEE male and female energy, it opens up a new world of inner and external exploration. You begin to understand that life everywhere is connected through its very existance – and cause and effect of the infinite unfolding is too an exchange of Male and Female energy.

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The rest of this article focuses on how Male and Female Energy Works. To learn more about Indigo Children, Click Here. 

For every action (male) that you take, there is an emotion (female) that is connected with it. Every thought that you experience about someone else (male), there is a thought that you relate back to yourself about it as well (female).

The internal and the external are direct reflections of each other. The Internal is Female, and the External is Male. Continue reading

Spirit Science 3 ~ Channeling

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Welcome to the Revised Channeling episode! We’ve doubled the length of the video to express even more ideas about what channeling is and how it works, and the different ways that it can appear and manifest.

channelingChanneling from my understanding is a way to describe how we communicate with each other, and other species of life. It’s also popularly known as a way to tune in and “channel” a higher awareness than we normally wouldn’t have.

An example from the video is channeling your pets, which is basically a way for you to create a conscious communication with your animal friend.

You’re essentially tuning in on an emotional, and thought based frequency to understand what your animal friend wants and feels.

In regards of Channeling greater and higher forms of consciousness, I’ve actually come to a realization about this in my own life which I would love to share with you. Continue reading

Spirit Science 2 ~ Chakras

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In this week’s lesson, we take a look at chakras and how your body receives energy. After last week, we got a lot of questions about HOW thought affected you and the world around you. Did you know that your body has a system for this?

Everything is energy and everything vibrates differently depending on the frequency. If you study musical octaves, you see that all of the vibrations in existence have a harmonic pattern that they all flow through. The chakra system works on the same principle. This is how you receive energy from the world around you, the world of thoughts and emotion. The human body is also an emitter of energy through what we call “Aura’s” (Not discussed here, but still very relevant).

We too are vibrating bodies of energy, just as is the rest of our reality. With this awareness, there are many very interesting things we can learn! Continue reading

Spirit Science 6 ~ The Flower of Life

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Hidden deep within our past, lies a secret that has been long forgotten. There have been various organizations throughout history that have protected its secret, The Masons for example have done just that. What are we talking about?  It’s the ancient secret of the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life is one of the fundamental geometries that consciousness creates through. Please understand that Consciousness itself is not the Flower of Life, but rather, the means by which it creates.

With the awareness of what these geometries mean, we can recognize that our bodies too are manifested from this most basic pattern, and that we are the creators that made us this way. Everyone, everything is connected, and when you can see it in you… You see it everywhere.

If you’d like to learn more about the Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry, please check out this advanced course that I recently put together. It’s a free article with an immense amount of information all about the flower of life.

~ ~ ~

crystaltypesI’d like to share another resource with you today which rocked my world and completely changed my life.  In fact, it is THE BOOK that most of Season 1 of spirit science was based on, and the greatest resource i have found to date with all of this information. I’ve probably told you about it a thousand times before, but I’m doing it again because it’s such an incredible book.

It’s called “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”, and it’s insights are valuable and mind-blowing. I highly recommend it, you’ll never read another book like it.

Through this book, Drunvalo Melchizidek chronicles his experiences through the past 50 years of his life researching consciousness, ancient civilizations, ET’s, hidden technologies, and the human energy field known as the Merkaba.

In addition to that, he also shares his understanding of how to cultivate the human energy field in a state of awareness to become more aware, more conscious, and grow even more as a being. You can tell I really love this book, I talk about it constantly! :P


Links and Sources

The Flower of Life Vol. 1

Dolphins Demonstrate the Flower of Life in action

A Spirit Science advanced Course on Sacred Geometry

Nassim Haramein – Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields

Human History Movie in Review… 2 Years Later

It’s been 2 years since i sat down to animate the Human History Movie… in fact, originally it wasn’t even a movie. It started as a 5 part SS lesson, each week going further into the story.

The ending of the 5th video coincided with the start of my journey around the world, a pretty good end to a season finale, if i do say so myself.

It wasn’t until maybe 8 months later when my friend Andrew Golden downloaded all of the Human History videos, and edited them together into a full length movie! Which is seriously amazing, it’s because of him that the movie even exists, and to this day i can’t thank him enough.

HHmovie1 Continue reading

Spirit Science 22_2 ~ Cycles N’ Sine Waves

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Believe it or not, the original script for this was written waaaayy back over a year ago. What sparked the inspiration was meeting two of my biggest inspirations. My friends Michael Evans, and Ray Kamille, through which I learned so much about the flow, light, waves, and how they relate to our experiences here on 3D, that I wrote a draft for this! Continue reading