Spirit Science 4 ~ Male & Female Energy

Male and Female energy are the Yin and the Yang, the In and the Out, the Up and the Down. For within every “One” (or of course the all encompassing One), there is a two. For every male, there is a female. For every female, there is male to create a balance.

I’m speaking from a perspective of vibration. I want you to really take this concept outside of your ideas about people in specific. This is something that is everywhere, it works through everything, and its just a matter of looking for it, and asking the right questions.

When you can SEE male and female energy, it opens up a new world of inner and external exploration. You begin to understand that life everywhere is connected through its very existance – and cause and effect of the infinite unfolding is too an exchange of Male and Female energy.

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The rest of this article focuses on how Male and Female Energy Works. To learn more about Indigo Children, Click Here. 

For every action (male) that you take, there is an emotion (female) that is connected with it. Every thought that you experience about someone else (male), there is a thought that you relate back to yourself about it as well (female).

The internal and the external are direct reflections of each other. The Internal is Female, and the External is Male.

fractalspiral2For every internal Female, there is also an internal male. For every External Male, there is an External female. It’s all just perspective on how we relate things to each other.  When we begin to pay attention to these different aspects of ourselves, we can begin to rewrite and question the ways that we do things.

See, we have these mental programs that we’ve all written (both collectively(female) and individually (male)) for ourselves. We don’t often even realize that they’re there.

Many people who claim that they’re “spiritual” will mentally absolve themselves from having any of these programs whatsoever, and that in itself is a program that masks the other programs. Usually, one big problem we face in the world (male) is creating a limitation within you in your thought process, emotional systems, spiritual understanding, and physical experiences... (air, water, fire, earth) or (male, female, male, female).


Inner Goddess_God

And sometimes, the external IS the cause. Other times, the internal is the cause. It’s not fair to say that the internal is ALWAYS the cause. That would be like blaming someone who got attacked for being attacked in the first place.

If we want to come from a space that is genuinely supportive, we need to lift up and support others. When someone has been attacked: Yes, that person will still have to face that experience, but it’s also not fair to tell them that it’s their “fault”, the cause. They might be the effect of another persons vibration, imposing their will on them.

Part of all of this is then relating that directly to ourselves, and asking how we might be doing that to ourselves, or others in our life. We can then challenge ourselves to grow, to change our behavior, and rewrite the programs.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?


With that understanding, we can just be honest with ourselves. No, everything is NOT in perfect balance, in fact, things are WILDLY out of balance – it’s why we are having such problems today as a society. As it was discussed in the video earlier, the male energy is way out of sync, like an overblown balloon, that grips and hangs onto the female energy with restriction.

Of course, it takes two to tango – The collective human female energy is learning to re-connect with the male, to be nurturing and supportive and understanding when the male energy gets all crazy wonko. It’s about learning to equally match that energy on the opposite side, to assist in pulling and nurturing the male, back into harmonic alignment with nature.

And just how do you do that?!

You be the change you want to see in the world. (Ghandi said that!) Which means actively changing our awareness of ourselves, and how we relate in the world itself, so that we create something different externally; instead of the same programs over and over, we start creating something different, something new…some like to call it Freedom!

Now go share that love with someone you care about, and have a wonderful day!


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