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Realize Everything Is Energy: Regaining Your Power as A Creator

Those who live in harmony with themselves, live in harmony with the universe.

Harmony is agreement, peace, friendship – the polyphony of infinite frequencies. Waves of light and energy vibrating constantly and endlessly, resonating deeply through – and as – All That Is.

Everything is energy.

Scientists and mystics unite in this truth.

The cutting edge in physics states that all matter consist of tiny vibrating strings of energy. Some physicists also claim that everything consists of an intelligent field of consciousness. Energy has a frequency and a wavelength – vibration is everywhere. Only a small part of all this energy is within the spectrum that we can sense through seeing and hearing.

We are still connected to everything and we receive and send out infinite amounts of frequencies all the time. We interact through so much more than just sight and hearing. Continue reading

DNA Upgrades: What They Mean & How They Affect Our Body

All over the spiritual communities you hear talk of the words DNA upgrades, upgrades and light body activation.

But what does this actually all mean and how is it impacting your life, the situations around you and your body?


There was a really interesting experiment done a few years back that shows how DNA immediately affects the environment around us by pulling atomic elements like photons into a holding pattern.

Effectively, what is happening is that Source is sending microwave particles of light and energy from the sun with all these storms, burst and flares.


These microwaves enter your body (this is why I don’t talk on phones, too much can be damaging), and begin to change your body at the level of your DNA.

All healing does this actually – the new energy (or resonance) makes physical changes to your DNA and cellular structure. Continue reading

Video Healing Course: How to Come Out Of Suicide & Depression in 10 Steps

The snap out of suicide and depression series is a step by step, guided video course where you watch a coaching video and perform a series of energy healing and/or coaching actions during or after the video.

There are no hidden costs with this series, you can gain immediate access, and all the linked resources are entirely free.

Go to the free healing snap out of suicide and depression video series now >>>

Suicide & Depression happen to many spiritual journeyers

The reason suicide and depression is so prevalent among spiritual journeyers is that it is part of the journey, and a natural result result of the ego cycle.

The ego cycle, whether you achieve your goal or give up, remains the same: you reach an anticlimax that causes you to launch the next desire. The point is that eventually your desire will become so big that you will realize that nothing can fill it except God, and you turn to God.

Continue reading

How To Teach Yourself To See Your Own Aura

At the heart of understanding ourselves as human beings, should be our aura. It is a topic that is often greeted with misplaced skepticism. Understanding your aura and how you can train yourself to see it is a fundamental part of understanding yourself.

What is an Aura?shutterstock_250622095

An Aura is in its simplest terms the electromagnetic field that surrounds every living thing on the planet, from humans to plants.

It is an electromagnetic field that is quantifiable by scientific research. As human beings our aura is particularly complex with seven distinct layers each of which affects our moods, emotions, feelings, health and overall behaviour.

The Aura is considered to be a moment to moment physical, emotional and spiritual expression of our true self. The importance of your aura cannot be underestimated and understanding each individual layer and how it affects you is crucial.

The Physical Layer

Also known as the physical aura plane, the physical layer is closest to the body and is a reflection of our comfort and health. The layer is strongest when we sleep and diminishes during the day. It extends around two inches from the body and smudges in the layer are viewed as indications of poor health.

The Astral Layer

The astral or emotional layer holds onto our history and experiences with loved ones. It is the layer that influences the way we treat the people that we care deeply for. It is from here that we gain our feelings of compassion and care.

The Lower Mental Layer

For most people, the lower mental layer is the most influential in their daily lives. This layer is where we store our values and ideas. It expands when we are busy at work or are deep in concentration. Any damage to this layer can lead us to become judgemental and agitated.

The Higher Mental Layershutterstock_361970174

Although very closely connected with your lower mental layer, the higher mental layer takes our minds to a more spiritual place.

It is the layer that affects our ability to experience unconditional love, self-love and selflessness. Continue reading

Your Pet Has An Aura Too; Here’s How You Can Communicate With It

I’m sure you’ve wondered how exactly pet whisperers do what they can do. A lot of their communication and interpretation stems from the aura that said animal is emitting. The aura around an animal can tell you everything from what the animal wants, to how it is feeling in that particular moment.


You’d be surprised by how expansive auras are. Essentially everything in this world can have an aura whether it’s living or not. It is easier to see the aura of animate things, but if you practice long enough, even those everyday inanimate objects will start to come to life.shutterstock_196145192

You’ll eventually be able to see that your kitchen table, living room chairs, and even the bed you sleep in, all emit a very specific sense of energy. Continue reading

Tying It Together: Ego, Souls, Karma, Twin Flames, Separation & Unification

 So when you’re looking at the big picture of spirituality, how do concepts like ego, ego reactions, souls, karma, twin flames, separation and unification all tie up?

Your emotional response in any situation is your ego.


An ego REACTION is one of the following family of emotions: guilt, anger, doubt, fear, shame, vulnerability, possessiveness, humiliation, embarrassment, resistance, envy, competition, awe, admiration, etc, etc.

An ego reaction is any EMOTION that makes you feel inferior or superior to the person in front of you.

Ego is the mechanism of creation: it allows us to take soul energy and break it into smaller, but complete, pieces, known as souls.

Ego is the idea that your little holographic fragment of soul is a complete identity. Continue reading