Your Pet Has An Aura Too; Here’s How You Can Communicate With It

I’m sure you’ve wondered how exactly pet whisperers do what they can do. A lot of their communication and interpretation stems from the aura that said animal is emitting. The aura around an animal can tell you everything from what the animal wants, to how it is feeling in that particular moment.


You’d be surprised by how expansive auras are. Essentially everything in this world can have an aura whether it’s living or not. It is easier to see the aura of animate things, but if you practice long enough, even those everyday inanimate objects will start to come to life.shutterstock_196145192

You’ll eventually be able to see that your kitchen table, living room chairs, and even the bed you sleep in, all emit a very specific sense of energy.

Let’s not forget the most important factor of all this. Your pet has one too and it is not difficult to see your pet’s aura or feel its energy.

Pet Auras:

A pet’s aura is much simpler than that of a human being, simply because their feelings are not as multifaceted. Therefore, the aura will more or less appear as two colors blending together close to the body of the animal. The auras can beat with happiness, or cloud with fear, depending on the mood of the animal.

Tune In:

shutterstock_292731344The next time you see your pet come toward you, focus your eyes a little on them. Narrow in on the space above your pet and try to feel its energy as it moves toward you.

This works best when you keep your pet off focus a little and tune in to your own energy. This is most effective when you return home from something.

Your pet will most likely be excited that you are home, so its emotions will be heightened.

Specific Auras:

Over time you will probably be able to identify the overall color of your pet’s aura. There is no limitation to how many colors it could contain, or how bright or dull it may appear to you. You might start to associate certain aura colors with certain moods and behaviours.

For instance, if your pet is happy, her aura should consistently shine with a splashy look, like it’s trying to explode. However, when it’s upset, it might get mixed with grey and dark grey or brown and start to become clouded or opaque.


If you see any black holes, circles of grey, or overall cloudy mixes in the aura, your pet is not well. The black holes would represent serious problems, while the cloudy ones predict some misfortune.


This one requires infinitely more practice, but it is definitely worthwhile. The first thing you need to do is get comfortable seeing the aura of your pet and feeling its energy around you.

Next, you want to allow your energy to mix with your pet’s aura as often as possible. After this, you’ll want to caress the animal and try saying something in your mind.

Let what you say reverberate through your aura into your pet’s. After some time, you will find that your pet will start to pick up on your aura as well.

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