We’re Back!

If you haven’t been keeping up with the events that have transpired since 4/4/2017, I’ll sum it up for you…

  1. Facebook had an “update” that unpublished a bunch of pages.
  2. Some of said pages were wrongfully unpublished. This happened a few times on the 4th and was followed by an apology email from Facebook.
  3. Exactly 20 days later, we were unpublished yet again.
  4. We didn’t hear from Facebook for nearly a month after submitting an appeal and they declined the appeal with a generic response that a few of our friends also got.
  5. Two months later, another appeal was submitted. I’m assuming Facebook setup an automated response of page deletion if another appeal was submitted after the first one was denied.
  6. In a way, it’s a good thing. It allowed for the rebirth of @thespiritscience!

So, what do you think about the new profile pic?

We have a bunch of things in the works right now, but I still can’t give you an exact deadline yet. I can tell you that it’ll be done within the next month or so. I will say this much… We’re moving to bigger and better things and we’re inviting you to join us!

Meanwhile, please, like, follow, share, comment and so on!

Of corse, I have a lot more to say about this whole saga, but I figured I should save it for another article.

15 thoughts on “We’re Back!”

  1. I wish we could just have our own Facebook? Why do you even need them? They are so negative. Automatic engine thingy whatever shutting down and destroying your content is a lie someone there had to write the code to do those commands.my wish is sad for them,I only wish they would disappear.

  2. This site gives me every day and every night the hope, that despite a hell life of 32 years, I will finally find my freedom, happiness and love i’ve been dreaming during all my life, which I’m so sure I deserve them.

    I believe I have a golden heart, which suffered so much, too much… that I deserve that unblievable dream come true someday.

    1. The story behind that is long and deserves an article of it’s own lol. The link should work now… Had to start all over yet again.

  3. No offense…. But the old facebook page was trash with a lot of clickbait articles that had nothing to do with anything.

    I unfollowed during a purge of toxic fb connections.

    1. None taken. I wasn’t the one running it then. Check it out now and tell me what you think? <3

  4. This is paramount!
    I am fairly new to this website, but not new to this ideology.
    This tickles my every fibre! So excited to adventure my way through @thespiritsciene FB page.

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