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Pixar Cartoon Reveals the Magic of Ancient Indian Spirituality

Pixar Studios has recently come out with a new short cartoon, which was featured at the beginning of the good dinosaur last year. It was directed by their new Animation director “Sanjay Patel”. This short, Sanjay’s Super Team, is a personal story of growth and awareness in a child’s eye, and the relationship between a boy and his father.


Beyond that, it’s a relationship with a child’s understanding of the aspects of the universe that are bigger than our physical selves, which is a very powerful realization in a child’s eyes. In seeing these spiritual representations of the universe in his own inner-vision, he begins to make relationships between the forces of the universe and how consciousness works.

When the demon is destroyed, he doesn’t blow up… He calms down, completely surrenders and relaxes into peaceful serenity, and dissolves through the void, and into a new reality.

That’s a pretty powerful lesson for a young boy!

It’s a very touching movie!

With love,

‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ Oscars 2016 Short Film (Animated) from Raj Kamal Singh on Vimeo.


Groundbreaking Magic Mushroom Study Reveals Long Term Positive Effects On The Brain

John Hopkins University of Medicine has recently published a study providing insight into the benefits of mediated doses of Psilocybin, the active psychedelic chemical found inside of Magic Mushrooms.

The study came about from the question “What is the Right Dose?”, after observing many unique studies around the world describing the benefits of Psilocybin, and also many accounts of “Bad Trips”. This study goes into the specific dosage which creates lasting spiritual awareness and positive transformation in the user!

During the study, the participants were encouraged to be blindfolded in a laying down position, as well as wearing headphones and being as completely relaxed as possible.  None knew how much of a dosage they were getting.



What was discovered was that higher doses correlated with more positive effects and that out of all of the participants, 78% of them reported having experienced one of the top 5 most spiritual experience they ever had in their lives – despite reports that anxiety, fear, and stress also increased six times during the period of ingestion.

The doses then decreased from there, going from 20mg down to 5. At these levels, they only had 1 volunteer reporting any sort of negative experience, and ALL volunteers reporting positive experiences. Even at the lowest level, it was still demonstrated to have noticable, lasting effects – so much so that the family and friends of the participants noticed positive changes in their personality.

“We seem to have found levels of the substance and particular conditions for its use that give a high probability of a profound and beneficial experience, a low enough probability of psychological struggle, and very little risk of any actual harm,”

Roland Griffiths, PhD.

Now, this study has actually been going on for some time, because a followup 14 months afterwards resulted in 94% of everyone who went through this experiment still claiming that this was in their top 5 most spiritual experiences of their lives.

Personally, i’m thrilled that John Hopkins university is continuing to look at and unlock the potential of Psilocybin! There is so much we don’t know about reality, and these seemingly magical hallucinogen has been known to help quit smoking, heal the body, and transcend time and space itself.

What will we learn next?!

Stay tuned!

With love,
Jordan Pearce

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Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Winter is ending and new life is springing up everywhere. It’s time to do some spring cleaning and just like we clean our house from the built up layers of winter, we should also clean ourselves body, mind and soul.

Cultivating a harmonious mind is a lot like cultivating a harmonious home. Just like keeping our floors swept, regular clearing of thought-waste is an essential for those seeking a sound mind.

We occupy our minds in much the same way that we occupy our homes. In fact, your mind is your home, experientially speaking. From there you sit and watch the world play out around you. You take in everything you see and feel and decide how to react all from your little control tower you call your mind.

It has been said that your current state of mind is the sum of your thoughts up to now. We are inundated with thoughts all day every day, so we must come up with ways to let go of thoughts that no longer serve us. All thoughts, especially hostile ones, leave behind little bits of themselves that collect over time in dark corners and need to be lovingly cleared out and let go.

Here is a simple meditation/visualization that can be done quickly or with great detail when it’s time for your mental spring cleaning.

With a soft gaze forward take a few deep breaths, and settle the mind as you would starting any meditation. When you feel settled and present, close your eyes and bring to your visual mind the room that you are sitting in, exactly how it is.

Declutter and clean the room in your mind. Don’t let this become another to-do list, just give yourself a few moments to feel what this clean new space would look like.

Light an imaginary incense or candle and feel the cleansing smoke wash through the air, (some actual smudging beforehand will help too).


Beginning directly in front of you, take your mind around the room, section by section. In these sections, remove anything doesn’t bring joy and replace it with something that does. A plant, a painting, a window letting in beautiful natural sunlight, or any other element that brings pleasant, fresh chi will do.

Work all the way around the room from where you are sitting until you come back to where you started. The amount of detail is entirely up to you and how much time you are able to put in. In a few minutes you can give it a quick once over, or you can take your time and really work it out.

Spend some time mentally in this place you’ve just created, not thinking about changing the physical room into something else, just enjoying this peaceful place.

Before leaving the room, express gratitude for the time you’ve spent there and any pleasant feelings you’ve experienced. Exit and open the eyes when you feel ready.

Not only will you feel more at home as you continue your day, but you will be building a safe space in your mind that you can access any time. With continued practice, you can ‘build’ even more elaborate rooms that your mind will recognize when summoned later. By utilizing your knowledge of feng shui and applying it with a healthy dose of imagination, you can create mental spaces conducive to a healthy, harmonious, state of mind.

True Hallucinations ~ New Terence Mckenna Movie is a Psychedelic Journey of a Lifetime!

It’s not every day that you stumble upon a door that takes you to another dimension… Unless for you of course, this is something that happens every day, in which case you’ve just stumbled upon your psychedelic door for the day.

What you see before you is a documentary created by Peter Bergmann, who has compiled the movie with all of the footage, music, custom visuals, and the I of wisdom. Here is an excerpt from the video description, describing what the movie, in a nutshell, is about.

In 1971, Terence McKenna, along with his brother Dennis and three other companions, ventured by plane, boat, and foot to the paradisical Colombian mission town of La Chorrera, where they hoped to encounter the elusive psychedelic oo-koo-hé. Fate would have it otherwise. Their attention soon turned to the large numbers of Stropharia Cubensis that they lucked upon, and before long, Terence and especially Dennis were formulating the psychopharmacological “experiment at La Chorrera” which would eventually give rise to Terence’s expanded Jungian notion of the UFO as human oversoul, and his I Ching based TimeWave Theory which holds, among other things, that history as we know it is accelerating and, in fact, will come to a major concrescence.

To learn more about Terence Mckenna, please visit this site. 

And to support the Filmmaker, Peter Bergmann, please check out and buy some of his music on iTunes! 

With love,
Jordan Pearce

Saruman narrates a Documentary about the Tarot

In anticipation of our 2 new Tarot Series, Daily Divination (Daily on FB), and the Essence of Tarot (A new video series!), we found a short Documentary about Tarot Cards!!

It is a little silly, in a “TV Documentary” sort of way, yet, it’s got some really great information in it! They did a really good job covering the history and mystery of the cards!

So, without further adieux, enjoy this Tarot documentary narrated by Christopher Lee (Saruman) himself!!

I Can Have Me and I Can Have You Too

Today’s world is littered with ideologies like “fill up your own cup”, “everything you could ever want or need is inside you”, “the only approval you need is your own” and “no one else can make you happy, only you can do that”.  These ideologies exalt the idea of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical independence.  For some people, these ideologies are liberating.  For other people, these ideologies are painful.

One of the problems that we have today relative to the idea of independence and dependence is that we do not understand that we can have both.  The state of connection and the state of autonomy can coexist in perfect harmony.  In fact, it is the coexistence of these contradictory yet complimentary states that leads to health in relationships.

To read the full article click here

“You really can have yourself and have other people at the exact same time.  You don’t have to choose between one and the other.”