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Understanding The “How” Before The “Why” of Suffering

Pain is a process.  Pain is a response to something.  Pain happens when you resist something you perceive.  It happens in steps A-B-C.  But we are seldom conscious of the process of suffering, as a result, we cannot figure out how to intervene in the process.  It is possible to become conscious of the process of suffering.

We simply have to use the pain of suffering to alert us to the fact that a process of suffering is taking place within us.  We can then step back to observe what the pain came in response to.  When you feel emotional or physical pain, simply close your eyes and ask yourself “What did this pain come in response to?  How is this process of suffering happening within me?

For example, if I feel the pain of anxiety, I can close my eyes and observe the HOW process of this pain.  I may notice that the pain comes in direct response to images my mind generates of a potential future scenario that then creates the auditory thought “I cannot survive that happening”.  The body is reacting to the image my mind is creating, not the situation at hand.  If I were to address the situation at hand, I would not be able to resolve my suffering.

I would have to see that the process of my suffering involves the images my mind generates in response to the situation at hand and then to deal with the images directly to have a chance at ending the suffering process taking place within me.

If you were simply to ask someone, why are you suffering?  They would not be able to tell you the accurate answer because they would not have stepped back far enough to objectively see the process of their suffering.  It is only when we know the how of suffering that we can know the why of suffering.  Essentially,  once we know how our suffering is happening, we can ask why it is happening in the way that it is happening.

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“When we ask how, we begin to see things as a process.  When we ask how relative to our suffering, we begin to see our suffering as a process.  When we ask the why after the how, we get to see the purpose behind that process.  We then have the awareness necessary to intervene in that process so that the process itself does not control us.”

Attunement: The Secret to A Good Relationship

To attune is to be or bring into harmony.  On an emotional level, it is a feeling of being “at one” with something.  To conceptualize of attunement, you need to imagine sitting in your car and using your fingers to adjust the radio dial.Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 11.21.26 AM

Assuming that you want to hear the music being played at a specific frequency, such as 98.2 FM, you need to adjust the radio dial so the radio in your car is tuned to 98.2 FM.  As a result, you will hear the music.  In other words, your own radio dial in your car needs to be brought into harmony with or become one with the radio channel you want to receive in order to hear that radio channel.

Attunement doesn’t stop with radio frequencies though.  Ultimately everything in the universe is made up of energy that vibrates.  Everything in existence has a unique frequency and vibration, including people.  To perceive the other person and to understand them,  we need to attune to their special frequency.

That attunement naturally gives rise to empathy.  It allows you to be able to feel or imagine the other person’s emotional experience and to understand what they are feeling .  This in turn is what allows you to know what to do in any given situation to end conflict or improve a situation or to assist someone. Continue reading

Seeing Life Through A New Perspective: The Octopus Technique

As an adult, you most likely have a defined sense of self.  You perceive yourself as separate to the world around you and as a separate being from everyone in the world.  If you look closely at your sense of self, you will notice that you define yourself by things like your beliefs, your likes and dislikes, your past experiences and your current perspective. 

The problem is that identity (a sense of self) becomes like an egocentric bubble.  You perceive other people through your own filters.  It becomes very hard to see through other people’s eyes.  

Instead, we begin to project our own perspective onto them.  When we are practicing empathy, instead of stepping out of our perspective and into their shoes, we take our perspective into their shoes.  And so, even though that benefits us in that we may see solutions that they don’t see, we don’t accurately see or feel them.

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Tarot 101: The Basics Of Using Tarot Cards For Divination

Tarot is a divination tool that over the centuries has become standard practice in spiritual communities.

Originally, Tarot was a card game, much like the modern playing cards that we have today.  Each card in the deck symbolized something and based on that symbol, the game would unfold in a specific way.  06-Reawakening-Feature-672x372

But the symbols on the tarot cards represented entire concepts such a spiritual principals, philosophical ideas and societal archetypes.

As such, the cards were not only used for card games, but also for divination.

This is the primary use of the tarot cards today.  In principal, whatever tarot card is drawn or dealt is subject to divine orchestration and is therefore revelatory or provides insight to the person the divination is in service of.   


“A traditional tarot deck is divided into two sections, the major and minor arcana.  Used together, the major and the minor arcana reveal the full story of the interaction between supernatural and worldly influences.  They reveal the relationship between the earthly realm and the divine realm relative to the subject matter at hand.”

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How To Find The Root Cause of Your Illness or Ailment

Knowing the physical cause of an illness is an essential part of healing from it.  However, we lost something precious when we started to believe that the mere physical cause of an illness was in fact the root cause of that very illness.  Before we understood the physical causes of ailments, our illnesses seemed abstract and etheric to us.  

We came up with many backwater explanations for them.  For example, in several places in Europe, we blamed the bubonic plague on God punishing society for prostitution.  We only later came to understand that it is in fact caused by bacteria carried by fleas and rodents.  However, what we have to understand is that the story of what caused an illness starts way before we even see a physical cause.  It is tempting when we hear the music coming out of a radio to say that the song comes from the radio.  

But the real truth is that the story of ‘where the song came from’ began long before it ever reached your radio.  And discovering the deeper roots of your illness, the roots that are deeper than the physical cause, is the key to permanent healing.  Continue reading

The Real Cure for A Negative Spiral

If you have felt safe most of your life, chances are that it doesn’t take you much effort to feel good.  This is because your rather ‘lucky’ brain is not stuck in survival mode where it is trying to avoid danger though worry and negative focus and pessimism.  However, if on the other hand you have been hurt, experienced trauma or not felt safe, chances are that it will take effort for you to feel good.

This is because your brain is locked in survival mode.  You are subconsciously trying to stay safe and avoid danger through worrying, negative focus and pessimism.  It is a vicious cycle that leads you into a downward spiral.shutterstock_114300748

Like a computer, the brain is an efficient tool.  The brain loves to take repetitive thoughts and actions and make them immediate and subconscious.  It loves when it can convert things to auto pilot.  Repetition trains the brain to do that thing immediately without any conscious attention. Continue reading