The Real Cure for A Negative Spiral

If you have felt safe most of your life, chances are that it doesn’t take you much effort to feel good.  This is because your rather ‘lucky’ brain is not stuck in survival mode where it is trying to avoid danger though worry and negative focus and pessimism.  However, if on the other hand you have been hurt, experienced trauma or not felt safe, chances are that it will take effort for you to feel good.

This is because your brain is locked in survival mode.  You are subconsciously trying to stay safe and avoid danger through worrying, negative focus and pessimism.  It is a vicious cycle that leads you into a downward spiral.shutterstock_114300748

Like a computer, the brain is an efficient tool.  The brain loves to take repetitive thoughts and actions and make them immediate and subconscious.  It loves when it can convert things to auto pilot.  Repetition trains the brain to do that thing immediately without any conscious attention.

We call this habit.   When you think the same thing or do the same thing over and over, the brain recognizes a pattern and wires itself for that pattern.  Think about how this applies to chronic negative focus.  This is why neuroscientists are so famous for saying “the neurons that fire together become wired together”.

When negative focus becomes the habitual pattern of the brain, eventually the negative focus neural pathway becomes the unconscious default.  Negative thinking has been ‘programmed’ into your mind in the same way that code is programmed into a computer.

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“Positive focus becomes a tool that serves resistance if it is being used to avoid negative.  In this case, it only fuels the negative.  But if it is being used as a tool to deliberately create the experience you want or to shut down the part of the brain that is in negative hypervigilence mode or to heal from trauma, it can in fact restore you back to a state of empowerment and wholeness.”  

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