How To Find The Root Cause of Your Illness or Ailment

Knowing the physical cause of an illness is an essential part of healing from it.  However, we lost something precious when we started to believe that the mere physical cause of an illness was in fact the root cause of that very illness.  Before we understood the physical causes of ailments, our illnesses seemed abstract and etheric to us.  

We came up with many backwater explanations for them.  For example, in several places in Europe, we blamed the bubonic plague on God punishing society for prostitution.  We only later came to understand that it is in fact caused by bacteria carried by fleas and rodents.  However, what we have to understand is that the story of what caused an illness starts way before we even see a physical cause.  It is tempting when we hear the music coming out of a radio to say that the song comes from the radio.  

But the real truth is that the story of ‘where the song came from’ began long before it ever reached your radio.  And discovering the deeper roots of your illness, the roots that are deeper than the physical cause, is the key to permanent healing. 

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“The time has come to approach your ailment as your teacher.  So ask yourself, if I acknowledge this ailment as my teacher, what is it trying to teach me?”



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