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The Secret Directive of Relationships: Why So Many Couples Feel Trapped

In today’s modern culture, many of us expect our relationships to be perfect.  It is a harsh wake up call to get into relationships and discover that they are anything but perfect.  In relationships, inevitably you are going to run into problems.  You are going to experience things within the relationships that are unwanted.

By virtue of having those experiences, you are going to get very clear about what you would prefer instead.  Another way of saying this is that you are going to find out what you really want and need.  This creates personal as well as universal expansion.  However, we often fall into a trap.

We become preoccupied with what is going wrong in the relationship and fail to deliberately create our vision of what would be ‘right’.  This is why if we want to create a positive relationship, we need to remember the sacred directive of relationships.

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F*CK The Law of Attraction; A New Perspective On This Law

One of the primary law governing this universe is the law of attraction. The law of attraction is an ab and flow of energy that draws alike frequencies together; like a magnet. 

Law-of-AttractionThe infinite collective consciousness that we call source or God created the law of attraction in our 3D time space reality as a learning tool. It acts as a mirror, what we feel internally is reflected externally.  It is a holographic learning experience that can be hard to understand objectively. It is like a PHD course on self awareness.

One of the main drawbacks to the law of attraction is that it can easily cause a person to go into a downward spiral.

If you’re constantly attracting negativity in your life, questioning why it’s happening, then thinking something must be wrong; that is the very spiral the law of attraction creates. We must understand, fundamentally, everything is one energy.

The internal and external are one in the same that both hold equal importance.

The “new age” concept that everything must solely come from inside you is not how the universe, nature or our very bodies work. Just like we need oxygen to survive, we need the external reality to balance the internal.


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The Real Secret to Living a Happy Life

A value is what you consider from your honest, authentic core to be most important.  Your values are about how you want to be in the world relative to others and to yourself, what you want to do and how you want to go about doing it.

When the things we do and the way we behave in the world towards others and towards ourselves match our values, we experience happiness.  People want to know how to live a happy life.  The answer is very simple, live your life according to your values.  the difference between people who are happy and people who are not happy is that the people who are happy prioritize in their life and make their decisions according to their values. Continue reading

Endurism: The Flip Side of Escapism

Spiritual Counselors and Self Help Experts and Psychologists have been talking for years about the dangers of escapism. But to the other end of the scale from escapism is a hidden danger that is equally damaging to our wellbeing.

That danger is Endurism. Endurism is when we tell ourselves that there’s nothing we can do to change a situation in our life that is causing us pain and so we stay stuck in it and justify making no changes to it and use spiritual ideologies to support our powerlessness. Endurism is a coping strategy.

It is a coping strategy for dealing with the perception that we are helpless to get our needs met. And this coping strategy doesn’t benefit you, it has the potential to destroy your life.

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“When we are practicing endurism, we are in fact escaping something.  That something is the fear of making a change and the responsibility required to actually make that change.  Our ego fears that by making the change that will enable us to progress and reach our joy, we will become a bad person and therefore lose connection with the people and things we want to be connected to.”

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The Change Up Effect: Why We Really Fear Change

When something is not known or not decided relative to a circumstance that causes us stress or pain, we feel panicked and helpless.  But  there is one particular type of uncertainty that creates the vast majority of our unwillingness to make changes in our life.  The uncertainty is whether or not people are going to change with us.  As people, our survival depends on our connection with each other.KindConnections-franckreporter-lowrez

When  we make changes to ourself or our life, this changes our vibration and in a law of attraction based universe, only things of like-vibration can share the same space.  So what happens if we change our vibration?

We run the risk of no longer being a match to the people who we are currently bonded with in our current vibration.  We run the risk of losing them.  We run the risk of losing our connection.

When we form bonds with other people, we form strong bonds.  So, when we risk losing people by making a specific change to our life, we resist making that change.

If you take a close look at any of the changes you are afraid of making in your life, you will see that at the heart of the fear, is the fear of losong connection with something or someone that you want to be connected with. Continue reading

How to Open Your Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra exists at the center of your being. It is the place where non physical and physical energy merge together. The heart chakra is the doorway for unconditional love, compassion and understanding.

Many of us forget that the heart has intelligence too. This isn’t some esoteric phrase either, it actually has a small neural network similar to brain cells –  However, It does not need the linear logic of the brain, It is the force of life itself.  It knows where to go, and it knows what is right.heart-light-1

The traditional name for this chakra is Anahata, which translates to: Unhurt.  By understanding this, you have the key to both what closes and opens this chakra. 

One way to start to open your heart chakra is by slowing down, and really listening to the feelings you get. When you have a gut feeling on something, follow that feeling; don’t ignore or dismiss it. It is with this practice that we begin to trust ourselves and the intelligence of the heart. 

And then, once you’ve slowed down… Watch this video to take it 10 steps further.

“By intentionally doing things which enable your heart chakra to come into alignment and open, you will be setting yourself up to live in harmony with the world.  All relationships in your life will reap the benefits of this decision, most especially the relationship you have with yourself.”

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