Endurism: The Flip Side of Escapism

Spiritual Counselors and Self Help Experts and Psychologists have been talking for years about the dangers of escapism. But to the other end of the scale from escapism is a hidden danger that is equally damaging to our wellbeing.

That danger is Endurism. Endurism is when we tell ourselves that there’s nothing we can do to change a situation in our life that is causing us pain and so we stay stuck in it and justify making no changes to it and use spiritual ideologies to support our powerlessness. Endurism is a coping strategy.

It is a coping strategy for dealing with the perception that we are helpless to get our needs met. And this coping strategy doesn’t benefit you, it has the potential to destroy your life.

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“When we are practicing¬†endurism, we are in fact escaping something.¬† That something is the fear of making a change and the responsibility required to actually make that change.¬† Our ego fears that by making the change that will enable us to progress and reach our joy, we will become a bad person and therefore lose connection with the people and things we want to be connected to.”

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