Daily Divination ~ Healing the Duality within You

Todays reading stems not from a symbolic card or a symbolic rune but instead we explore the symbology of idea itself through the Flower of Life game called Helixileh!

Through this reading we will examine the nature of idea expanding from the concept of ‘2’ – Please have your own experience with this, and make your own connections based on what you read. This is a helixileh board that I flowed through this physical body we call Jordan, and everyone might recognize different patterns were you to do one yourself.

However, as most of those reading this may not have the time to draw one of these, here’s one example of where it could go, and what we might learn along the way.

The pattern started with 2, and then went straight up to “Pull”, and rotated clockwise from there till it ended with the Eye of Ra. Here is the picture.

10 - Helixileh

If you need to click on it to zoom in, it is encouraged. Bolded words are from the Board. 

2. The basis of Duality, or two fundamental opposites. They can mean anything to you. Each of them pull’s you in a different direction, and it makes you feel split in two.

Each section is two halves of the same whole, which together equal 1, the basis of unity and infinite oneness.

Together, the 1 and the 2, we get 3 – the trinity, the trine, the middle, which creates a new direction from what we had before.

However, when there is a pull in a lot of directions, there is a tendency to cause upset because of the intentions that everyone has. It all depends on the likeness – what everyone wants and if they are the same thing or not. This can be discovered through a discussion.

In that, we may begin to know each others differences, and create a balance through our connections.

When all of our connections equal 1, we begin to know God. God and Unity together describe the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end of all things. The beginning and end between the All (1) and the Middle (3) is the 4 Elements.

And 4 merged with 3 are the 7 Chakras.

This spiral of number only leads to an Infinite number of directions, which combined with the upset from earlier has a tendency to rip the physical dimension. This only happens because of our attachments to the physical layer, which we must learn to recognize, and calm.

Through this, we can build an understanding, and union between our collective intentions will create meaningful bonds of family. 

That connection of family will draw you together or apart, depending on the likeness and differences of the intentions of each other. Spirit is the key here, for a Spiritual Connection and understanding will support exactly the right relationship for any particular scenario.

If achieved, this will prosper communion, which can be balanced with careful (meaning full of care) speech, which will give way to a fundamental Stability.

When you have a stable connection with God you become One with Him, which is striving for the Phi ratio, always.

This leads to the void. It is a sphere, or zero,  infinite possibilities. You’ll notice it parallels 1 on either side of the Alpha/Omega. 

From this, 5 is birthed, which is the pentagram, which is also 5. and from there, the 5, 7, and ? results in nothing but pure Awareness. The Eye of Ra. 


But what does it all mean? How do we bring this into the physical?

I will admit, a large part of this is about the contemplation of it, which will yield individual actions relating to each person who views it. However, there are some direct links we can extrapolate that would apply to everyone.

First, notice that the concept off the bat, ‘2’ – leads us to an entire board that is almost perfectly split down the middle by the power of number and the power of language. The right hand side of the board is all about solving the problem of the second world, the split, pull, and duality, where the left side of the board is all about the symbology of number and infinity within the Mind of God.

Reconciling these two sides for any us would yield huge transformation and realizations about the nature of the Cosmos, because it would be reconciling the duality within ourselves so that deep down all there is is One.

In truth, deep down there IS only One, but our human minds and bodies believe otherwise, and so we are battling with our very egos for ultimate authority over our actions.

That is your task for the day.

Find one thing that you fundamentally oppose that is clearly a duality for you, and reconcile it to Unity!

Have fun!


To learn more about Helixileh, watch this video here, or visit the Helixileh website! 

Daily Divination is posted every morning! See you tomorrow!

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