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BREAKING – Stargate like Crop Circle appears in Ansty, Wiltshire Overnight!!

Last night, in a small town called Ansty, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, England – An incredible new Crop Circle appeared that is like none we’ve ever seen before.


This one depicts a very Stargate-like glyphs circling the outer ring, surrounded by a tri-fold of flower leaves emerging from the center with a subtle Sixfold symmetrical hexagonal structure behind it, and a near flower of life like geometrical pattern beyond it.

Three’s are an important numerology in this one, three being the number of the trinity, a number which Pythagoras, considered the first “scientist” regarded as the first male number (where 2 is the first female number, and 1 being the origin of all numbers, and container of all numbers within it).

He also described it as the first complete number in linear time, being that it had a beginning, middle, and end.

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What does this crop circle mean? I find it remarkably similar to the patterns around the stargate. Maybe it’s time we opened some cosmic portals, what do you think?



There are also 20 glyphs around the edge, of which do appear to mirror themselves on the opposite sides, meaning only 10 glyphs total.

To Pythagoras  and in the Numerological setting, 10 represented the Cosmos as a whole. The beginning and end, alpha and omega, 0 and 1, from which all things emerged from and returned to.

Also, because 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10 made 1, 2, 3, and 4 rather special and important numbers in the creation of all things.




A quote by one of our dear authors Lara Starr:

It amazes me how some people can think all crop circles are made by normal people with ropes and wood. Forget about the fact that these are made by bending the stalks at a perfect 51 degree angle without breaking them.

Forget about the strange electromagnetic energy they give off that screws with electronics including cameras, cellphones and even pacemakers. Forget about the fact that they are made silently, in the dead of night, with no lights and without a single footprint being left behind.

Forget about the fact that these are insanely intricate patterns often depicting clear messages relating to advanced science, mathematics and even important historical significance. Let’s just brush off the last 500 years of recorded crop circles as a bunch of bored drunken college students with nothing better to do. It’s much easier to explain that way.

-Lara Starr, FB




Lara also theorizes that the symbolism of the Glyphs are eerily reminiscent of the ancient undeciphered greek hieroglyphs currently called “Linear A”. What do you think?



All images of the Crop Circle were taken by MrGyro, and are copyright protected by him.

If you are in the Wiltshire area and want to see the Circle for yourself, the farm is allowing guests to come and visit! 

The Heart Breaking Lesson We Can Learn From A Storyteller on the Street

I was uploading a new Magical Things video this morning when something caught my eye on the Youtube home page. A new animated short by Josiah Brooks!

If you’re unfamiliar with his work, I highly recommend checking out his library of digital and animated creations. His work is incredibly inspiring, and also incredibly supportive to all of those out there who want to learn how to animate like a pro in no time!

His latest cartoon is remarkably stunning, touching, and heartfelt. A true masterpiece of modern creations. Have a look.

[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”5111567″]After watching this, so many things come to mind. I feel a sense of joy in the idea of sharing the stories and passing them on, and the loss in never being able to complete ones goal. Yet, the rebirth in knowing that, as the loss of the stories transpire, a new story is created, which is only realized in the final moments of the video.

Death is something most of us have a fear of. Fear of loss and passing into the next, without completing everything that we originally pictured ourselves wanting.

Yet, sometimes Death comes without a moments warning, and there is no time to prepare. And sometimes the preparation is for naught, when there is nobody to listen, and nobody to care.

The fact that you’re reading this shows that you’re paying attention. You are one of the few. But keep your eyes open, and your mind open too, and the gifts of wisdom will come to you, instead of passing through.


Video Credits:

Behind the Scenes:
Get the Music:

Writing, Animation, Direction, Musical Composition and Orchestration by Josiah Brooks

Environment Art by Greg Bartlett

Narrated by Toby Ricketts

Audio Mixing and SFX by Zach Striefel

Violin Performance by Matt Westwood

Project Manager Kate Taylor-Marsden

The Fascinating & Bizarre Story Behind Scientology

In 1950 L. Ron Hubbard, often called LRH, wrote a book called Dianetics, the modern science of mental health. The book became very popular in a short amount of time in the early self-help movement, but quickly lost its steam as a fad, and the Dianetics foundation went into bankruptcy. Hubbard then recharacterized the subject as a religion and renamed it Scientology, building and expanding upon the writings of Dianetics.

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According to this book, humans are limited by engrams, bad experiences stored in the unconscious mind that affect behavior long after the traumatic experience. These experiences may be from earlier in one’s life, from the womb, or even from past lives. Engrams can be removed from a process called “Auditing” – which involves answering questions in a reflective manner, either using the book or in a professional environment connected with a device called an e-meter. Psychiatry, in contrast, is rejected as harmful, particularly in its use of drugs.

Those who complete this process are called Clears. Hubbards subsequent teaching states that a Clear can further develop the inner self, called a Thetan. A scientologist seeks to become an operating Thetan, or OT, and then to pass through the various levels set out for them. At OT3, a Scientologist learns a deeper basis of the religion, that Thetans were brought to the earth by Xenu, a galactic dictator, in traumatic circumstances 75 million years ago. However, this knowledge is believed to be dangerous to the unprepared, and will be meaningful only if revealed in a ritual context. Hubbard claimed to have learned this through scientific investigation, not through revelation, although some Scientologists regard the story as allegorical.

The word Scientology is the pairing of the latin word Scientia, meaning Knowledge or Skill,and Greek word “Logos” – meaning the word, or account of. Their logo comprises of two triangles with an S wrapped around them. These triangles are called the ARC and KRC triangles. ARC meaning Affinity, Reality, and Communication, where the KRC triangle stands for Knowledge, Responsibility, and Control.

Scientologists seek to attain spiritual development through the study of the Scientology materials. Members are required to make donations accordingly for study courses and auditing as they move what they call the Bridge to Total Freedom, and Scientologists usually move up the bridge at a rate governed by their income.

Hubbard is reported to have said in the 1940’s that he would like to start a religion in order to make money, and skeptics allege that Scientology is not a real religion. In 1967, Hubbard stepped down as executive director of Scientology to form the ship-based Sea Organization, or Sea Org, in which volunteers would work for between 6 to 40 cents per hour as they travelled through international waters, only stopping occasionally at various ports for supplies.

Throughout the 1970’s it was beset with allegations of criminality in more than one country, and in 1978, Hubbard was facing so many criminal charges that he went into hiding in California, cutting off from everyone except for 10 messengers for many years. In 1986, LRH died of a stroke at his ranch, but he had left no plan for succession. Without a leader, the ambitious David Miscavige stepped forward, and by bending arms and making deals, took control of the church, and installed a new generation of lieutenants.

A decade into miscavige’s leadership, a simmering crisis finally came to a boil. For years, Hubbard had insisted that Scientology was a religion and was tax exempt. Thus, they had refused to pay any taxes. In the 1980’s, the church of scientology faced a tax bill of over a billion dollars from the IRS. Their total assets at the time was only about a quarter of that.

Thousands of scientologists all filed lawsuits against not just the IRS, but individual IRS employees. 2400 total lawsuits, all going at the IRS at one time. They not only sued the IRS for litigations against them, but also against general crimes against the general public. They also then went to publish their findings in public magazines.

In the end, the IRS made a deal with Scientology that, both of them would simply drop all charges. Scientology became an official tax exempt Religion, and the lawsuits against the IRS were dropped.

The Church is known for having an overly aggressive, and sometimes even violent attitude towards critics, citing their claim of “Fair Game”, from Hubbard’s policies in the 60’s, which described that they never defend, they always attack, and thus, anyone who criticizes scientology is fair game. In fact, a large number of cases were filed regarding burglary, harassment, suing, framing, beating people up, and even poisoning the dog of a reporter who was researching the church.

Many former members described that Scientology was a dangerous, and deeply paranoid organization. Scientology has also been known for specific celebrity involvement throughout the years.

John Travolta claimed to have gained a great deal of courage for his acting from Scientology, but later, many ex-members described that he became trapped against his will. And of course, Tom Cruise, celebrated as one of the highest level members of Scientology, which the church has spent millions of dollars tricking out his cars, motorcycles, throwing massive parties, and even a hanger in santa monica.

Today, there are roughly 10 to 15 thousand Scientologists in the world, most of them in the United States.

The Secret Christianity that Catholicism Doesn’t Want You to Know About

It’s called Gnostic Christianity, and it is radically different than any other Christianity you’ve heard of. In fact, it’s so radically different, that when you learn about its origins, you might begin to question everything you think you know about Christianity…

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Before Catholicism was decreed the state religion of Rome by constantine in the 4th century AD, the empire was very diverse in its spirituality. They worshipped many gods, including Greek and Roman deities, many of which were based upon philosophical concepts like love, virtue, justice, wisdom, and time, and celestial bodies such as the planets, constellations, and even the spirit of planet earth herself.

During this time, early forms of Christianity were developing, and between the beginning of the AD calendar cycle and for about 300 years, there were 2 predominant christianities that were known. One was a sort of Literalist Christianity, rigidly authoritarian, which would eventually become the basis for the Roman Catholic Church… The other was known as Gnostic.

Between 312 AD and 325 AD, the Roman Emperor Constantine the 1st converted to Catholic Christianity, and began the process of rigidly suppressing all Gnostic and Pagan faiths until they had all but disappeared from the collective mind. Those who did not convert were tortured, killed or fled, and for over 1600 years, all knowledge of Gnosticism had vanished. Very little was known about them or their beliefs, until in 1945, a small library of Gnostic scriptures were discovered in a cave near Nag Hammadi in Egypt. The information writ on these scriptures has revolutionized our modern understanding of early christianity.

A core tenet of Gnosticism is that our world is the creation of a false god, or demiurge, who pretends to be a benevolent creator but is in fact a malevolent impostor intent on keeping humans imprisoned in an artificial world of illusion and suffering. This Demiurge is the same God worshipped by the core Abrahamic teachings. The only means of escape is gnosis (Greek for knowledge) —rising up from base materialism to reject the demiurge and break through into the higher world of the spirit.

At its core, Gnosticism was a broad, vibrant, and sophisticated spirituality which considered the Old Testament of the Jewish faith irrelevant. Jesus was claimed as a gnostic leader, as are several of his apostles, including Thomas the Apostle, who founded the Thomasine form of Gnosticism, as well as Mary Magdalene, who is considered superior to the twelve apostles by several gnostic texts.

Unlike Catholics, who believed that the true Christian believed in Jesus as preached to them by the bishops, the Gnostic faith believed that the true Christian experienced Gnosis, and then would literally become a Christ themselves. Belief in Jesus, then, was that he was a divine being who appeared in human form, and then transcended the physical world, rather than the modern view that he was a being who was both fully human, and fully divine.

The Gnostics believed that there is an element of divinity within each person, and that that divinity wants to join again with God. They believe that through secret knowledge of the Cosmos and God, that salvation can be attained. Some believed that it did not really matter what you did in life, since the body was not eternal. The Gnostic faith was subjugated out of existence before the creation of the canonical bible, from roughly the year 1 till the persecution of Constantine in 312 AD and the Council of Nicaea in 325AD, there were plenty of Christian texts that were available to the public, which the Gnostics all followed and believed in.

Although remembered as heretics, the Gnostics saw themselves as genuine Christians. In a Gnostic gospel called “The Apocalypse of Peter”, the resurrected Jesus calls literalist christianity an “imitation church” that distorted the teachings and ways of Christ.

Thanks for watching, and reading!

With love,
Jordan Pearce


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They Fought for Spiritual Freedom in the US… And they Won!

Back in ancient antiquity, long before the United States was established, there were many tribal groups of people in the southern parts of the US, as well as Mexico, who practiced deep spiritual rituals utilizing various ceremonious tools. One in particular was a psychadelic cactus called Peyote.

Peyote has been known for many of its healing properties, as you likely have found out from that video above. However, when the United States was established, the Native Americans were prohibited from using it any longer, and this caused a great deal of strife.

The Natives fought for their Spiritual freedom in the united states. It was actually quite a difficult battle, with the federal government stopping at nothing to try and demean and shut down any and all ceremonious activity involving the Peyote Cactus…. However, in the end, they won![shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”5111567″]

While this was a great victory for the Native American Church, the war on drugs was still in full effect in the United States. This senseless battle was created seemingly to keep the population in a state of panic and withdrawal, as the healing abilities of such psychedelics have a remarkable effect on awakening the consciousness of any individual who takes it in a ceremonious and community light.

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