They Fought for Spiritual Freedom in the US… And they Won!

Back in ancient antiquity, long before the United States was established, there were many tribal groups of people in the southern parts of the US, as well as Mexico, who practiced deep spiritual rituals utilizing various ceremonious tools. One in particular was a psychadelic cactus called Peyote.

Peyote has been known for many of its healing properties, as you likely have found out from that video above. However, when the United States was established, the Native Americans were prohibited from using it any longer, and this caused a great deal of strife.

The Natives fought for their Spiritual freedom in the united states. It was actually quite a difficult battle, with the federal government stopping at nothing to try and demean and shut down any and all ceremonious activity involving the Peyote Cactus…. However, in the end, they won![shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”5111567″]

While this was a great victory for the Native American Church, the war on drugs was still in full effect in the United States. This senseless battle was created seemingly to keep the population in a state of panic and withdrawal, as the healing abilities of such psychedelics have a remarkable effect on awakening the consciousness of any individual who takes it in a ceremonious and community light.

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