According to this Vietnamese Faith, we have now entered into the 3rd Era of recognizing Oneness Worldwide!

Based on Universal Love, the effort of Cao Dai is to unite all of humanity through a common vision of the Supreme Being, whatever our minor differences may be, in order to promote peace and understanding throughout the world.

Caodai does not seek to create a gray world, where all religions are exactly the same, but only to create a more tolerant world, where all can see each other as sisters and brothers from a common divine source reaching out to a common divine destiny realizing peace within and without.

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Cao Dai was established in southern Vietnam in 1926. It teaches that the religious founders and other great figures of the past represent two earlier eras of divine communication with the world, and that today we are living within the 3rd Era.

In this, the Third Era of Salvation; world religions are united in the worship of the Supreme Being, and there is communication with the spirit world once again.

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