F*CK The Law of Attraction; A New Perspective On This Law

One of the primary law governing this universe is the law of attraction. The law of attraction is an ab and flow of energy that draws alike frequencies together; like a magnet. 

Law-of-AttractionThe infinite collective consciousness that we call source or God created the law of attraction in our 3D time space reality as a learning tool. It acts as a mirror, what we feel internally is reflected externally.  It is a holographic learning experience that can be hard to understand objectively. It is like a PHD course on self awareness.

One of the main drawbacks to the law of attraction is that it can easily cause a person to go into a downward spiral.

If you’re constantly attracting negativity in your life, questioning why it’s happening, then thinking something must be wrong; that is the very spiral the law of attraction creates. We must understand, fundamentally, everything is one energy.

The internal and external are one in the same that both hold equal importance.

The “new age” concept that everything must solely come from inside you is not how the universe, nature or our very bodies work. Just like we need oxygen to survive, we need the external reality to balance the internal.


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“We make the assumption that because the world functions like a mirror, if anything unwanted is happening to someone, it must be because something about them is not healed or is out of alignment.  Just look at the pressure inherent in this belief that if we are doing everything right relative to our thoughts and emotions, that the only thing we will ever experience in our lives is sunshine and roses.  So if we attract anything less than that, we’re doing something WRONG.”


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