The Secret Directive of Relationships: Why So Many Couples Feel Trapped

In today’s modern culture, many of us expect our relationships to be perfect.  It is a harsh wake up call to get into relationships and discover that they are anything but perfect.  In relationships, inevitably you are going to run into problems.  You are going to experience things within the relationships that are unwanted.

By virtue of having those experiences, you are going to get very clear about what you would prefer instead.  Another way of saying this is that you are going to find out what you really want and need.  This creates personal as well as universal expansion.  However, we often fall into a trap.

We become preoccupied with what is going wrong in the relationship and fail to deliberately create our vision of what would be ‘right’.  This is why if we want to create a positive relationship, we need to remember the sacred directive of relationships.

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“By following the sacred directive of relationships, you are inviting the person you are in a relationship with into the vibrational space of the ‘improvement’ and you are telling tell them how to get there.  Instead of showering them with what they are doing wrong, you are clearly laying out what doing it right would look like to you.”

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