This Amazing City Of The Future Will Be Powered By Algae

Liberland, the newest sovereign nation in Europe, design competition has chosen a winning proposal for an algae-powered city. 2.7 miles of land on the Danube River, which is between Croatia and Serbia will be transformed into a self-governing micro nation who’s citizens will enjoy both personal and economic freedom. Quite a tough challenge for the architects involved.

This city will be designed in a unique way to help curve population growth, by stacking horizontal structures vertically. What is known as Inverted Archaeology, the technique forms a dense, compact and resilient space that is pedestrian friendly and transit-orientated. It will be self-sustainable in every way.

The strains of Algae which will be grown on the underside of buildings will help provide a clean source of energy and the innovative environment this design creates will ensure all of those living the city, regardless of their age, race, and gender or profession, will have the same opportunities to participate in collective financial gains.

“The main vision was to balance density with quality of life. We wanted to address density differently than defaulting to skyscrapers, where connections between buildings occur only on the ground level. We wanted the city to be built one horizontal layer at a time, where it’s possible to walk everywhere and everything is connected. The horizontal layers are stacked in a staggered configuration to ensure natural light penetrates all of them.” The RAW-NYC team told Inhabitant

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Thanks to Inhabitat


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