How to Open Your Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra exists at the center of your being. It is the place where non physical and physical energy merge together. The heart chakra is the doorway for unconditional love, compassion and understanding.

Many of us forget that the heart has intelligence too. This isn’t some esoteric phrase either, it actually has a small neural network similar to brain cells –  However, It does not need the linear logic of the brain, It is the force of life itself.  It knows where to go, and it knows what is right.heart-light-1

The traditional name for this chakra is Anahata, which translates to: Unhurt.  By understanding this, you have the key to both what closes and opens this chakra. 

One way to start to open your heart chakra is by slowing down, and really listening to the feelings you get. When you have a gut feeling on something, follow that feeling; don’t ignore or dismiss it. It is with this practice that we begin to trust ourselves and the intelligence of the heart. 

And then, once you’ve slowed down… Watch this video to take it 10 steps further.

“By intentionally doing things which enable your heart chakra to come into alignment and open, you will be setting yourself up to live in harmony with the world.  All relationships in your life will reap the benefits of this decision, most especially the relationship you have with yourself.”

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