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Daily Divination 4/23/16 ~ Storm in Motion

Today’s reading comes with a strong theme of movement and change. Powerful, maybe even chaotic forces are at work but do not let that scare you.

Disruption breaks us free of our old habits and even our old selves. That which doesn’t serve us anymore can be set free to create space for new habits, new mindsets, and new opportunities. Let’s dig in.

Runes 4/23/16

Hagalaz is our first rune, the storm rune of disruption. It gives us our modern letter ‘H’ and translates to hail, reinforcing the idea of the storm of natural disruptive forces. It warns of challenges and possibly the delay of action due to unforeseen complications. Like many others that can be perceived as negative, it takes a deeper interpretation to see their necessary place in your life.

Strong winds that change or even destroy your plans may save you from going too far down the wrong path. They might highlight weaknesses in yourself or your projects that may need to be mended and strengthened before moving forward. A house that cannot survive a storm is not a safe house for you and your family.

Our second rune is Raido, the rune of the journey or the travelers rune. Above all, it is linked to motion. It may indicate that travel is necessary or that movement is required, or the travel or return of loved ones. To move up one level, it can also refer to the spirit quest of your life.

We humans are busy by nature, moving constantly just to stay alive and always striving to make things better. We yearn for experiences outside of our comfort zone and we long to see exotic places. True travel is one of the most liberating experiences we can have, and it rewards us with a sense of wonder. We see our small place in this world and though it is small, it is grand.

Together we see the storm in motion. Raido acts on Hagalaz to produce change and movement in an already chaotic environment. The forces at work will be jarring for sure, and often frightening. Today, look at it for what it is. The movement is you moving forward through your life unafraid. You come upon challenges and you stare them down. You walk through doors and you take opportunities that were too frightening just last year. You’re a new person with a new set of strengths, and a vast knowledge of who you are and the mission you are on. Carry on and do not give in to worry or doubt. You are ready to stand in your power and take on whatever may come.

Alistair & Forest

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Daily Divination 4/21/16 ~ Fire & Ice

No doubts on this one, this is the ultimate meeting of two very powerful, very opposing runes. Before we dive in, let’s consider the day that we are talking about. Yesterday we celebrated cannabis day and tomorrow we move on to Earth Day, and with a full moon to top it off. Mars is officially in retrograde and soon 4 other planets will join. This is a powerful time with powerful forces at work. Be weary, be sharp, and be well. Taking care of yourself during these uncertain times is paramount.

rune42116 doneFirst we draw Kenaz, the rune of the torch. The beacon light, or torch light, is what leads the way in time of darkness and uncertainty. We travel with a torch to light our next few steps ahead, illuminating who and what is immediately around you. Kenaz suggests the burning flame of creativity, vision, and inspiration that is necessary for new growth. The fire of life fuels you, giving you a reason to get up in the morning and meet the day with fervor, skill, and passion.

Compare this fire energy with Isa, the Ice rune, representing stillness and the slowing of movement. Isa calls on us to draw inward during these times and seek clarity through patience. This rune will often come to us when it is time to slow down and take care of ourselves, perhaps after a long period of hard work or excessive fun. In either case, the rejuvenation that accompanies periods of rest is what prepares us for what’s ahead. This gives us the chance to review our intentions and how they compare to our habits. Hopefully, we use this energy to elevate ourselves to live the lives we truly want, and truly deserve.

Together, we see Ice acting on Fire. This time of year, spring in full swing, spirits and kinship high, we see time speeding up and plans coming into fruition. We see connections being made, paths becoming fulfilled. The time is ripe to make great strides ahead in your mission. Whether you achieve this or not will depend on your ability to adapt to the circumstances and maintain your composure in the midst of a whirlwind of opposing forces. You will see emotions run high and you will see relationships strained, especially when they rest upon half truths.

Keep in mind that this time is powerful. We are all powerful beings full of light and intention, and we are all ready to bloom. Keep your head up and be strong, positive changes are coming to you. If you are feeling rushed, overwhelmed, or like you might need a minute to catch up, this is your day. Where we see delay we also see preparation. Consider all of the activity around you to be of benefit to you. Consider it to be the breath of fresh air that you need to forge ahead. Breathe it in and be well on your journey.

Alistair & Forest

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Pixar Cartoon Reveals the Magic of Ancient Indian Spirituality

Pixar Studios has recently come out with a new short cartoon, which was featured at the beginning of the good dinosaur last year. It was directed by their new Animation director “Sanjay Patel”. This short, Sanjay’s Super Team, is a personal story of growth and awareness in a child’s eye, and the relationship between a boy and his father.


Beyond that, it’s a relationship with a child’s understanding of the aspects of the universe that are bigger than our physical selves, which is a very powerful realization in a child’s eyes. In seeing these spiritual representations of the universe in his own inner-vision, he begins to make relationships between the forces of the universe and how consciousness works.

When the demon is destroyed, he doesn’t blow up… He calms down, completely surrenders and relaxes into peaceful serenity, and dissolves through the void, and into a new reality.

That’s a pretty powerful lesson for a young boy!

It’s a very touching movie!

With love,

‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ Oscars 2016 Short Film (Animated) from Raj Kamal Singh on Vimeo.


If I – A Philosophical Stand Up Comedy

“I feel like everything in reality can change with just a subtle shift in perspective”

Demetri Martin is an interesting character, a philosophical comedian who takes ideas and concepts, and breaks them down, mixes them around, and shows the relationships between things that otherwise you likely would never have known they were there.

This sketch of his is both entertaining, and inspires creative thought! Enjoy.

How to Strengthen Your Intuition & Hear Your Inner Voice

To once live without someone and now never wanting to live without, opens the power that intuition can possess.

Every human has an internal guidance system known as intuition that can be heard and felt. “There are many voices in our heads. We have the voices of our parents, teachers, inner critique, and there is a silent intuitive guiding voice. We have to learn to listen to it. We hear it every day among the millions of voices we have in our heads,” says Verne. Intuition is always trying to speak up. “The voice of coulda, shoulda, thought of, thought so, and knew it are all signs of intuition.”

Each of us has the capability to develop and use our intuition. “It’s not very complicated, it’s finding the voice and experimenting with it,” says Verne. You’ll begin to feel your guidance and this will bring a better quality of life. Continue reading

5 Natural Compounds That Save Lives

The connection between the natural world and medicine is profound.  The potential to yield new natural medicinal properties is obvious when many modern pharmacological findings are derived from nature.

Over half of all pharmaceuticals developed over the past quarter century are directly derived from or modeled after compounds from nature.

As big pharma increase synthetic drug production and the destruction of Earth’s biosphere continues, there’s a fundamental truth that’s being tragically overlooked. The human race depends on a thriving biodiversity that yields variety of all natural compounds.

1. The Madagascar Periwinkle makes pediatric leukemia and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma curable today.

2.  A Caribbean Sponge slows down HIV, stopping new growth to form.

3.  A Philippine Reef-dwelling Cone Snail produces a non-addictive venom that treats patients with severe pain refractory to narcotics.

4. The Pacific Yew Tree bark yields a chemotherapeutic agent that enhances the lives of women with breast and ovarian cancer.