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How to Strengthen Your Intuition & Hear Your Inner Voice

To once live without someone and now never wanting to live without, opens the power that intuition can possess.

Every human has an internal guidance system known as intuition that can be heard and felt. “There are many voices in our heads. We have the voices of our parents, teachers, inner critique, and there is a silent intuitive guiding voice. We have to learn to listen to it. We hear it every day among the millions of voices we have in our heads,” says Verne. Intuition is always trying to speak up. “The voice of coulda, shoulda, thought of, thought so, and knew it are all signs of intuition.”

Each of us has the capability to develop and use our intuition. “It’s not very complicated, it’s finding the voice and experimenting with it,” says Verne. You’ll begin to feel your guidance and this will bring a better quality of life. Continue reading

Do Good Things Really Come in 3’s??

INQUIRY:  Hey Pheonyx, my name is Nick and I’m a long-term follower of  Spirit Science.  Firstly would like to say I appreciate your participation in Spirit Science so much and it’s awesome that there’s a modern Shaman.    I’ve always been curious about shaman since I was a kid :).   I saw your post on SS’s facebook about unified meditation from the sacred geometry page and noticed you mentioned seeing 333 as well as 11:11.   I’m curious as to what your knowledge/thoughts/feelings/intuition is on the number 3 and 333?

You see, a few years ago before Spirit Science was around and I was starting my spiritual journey, I had this revelation that the number 3 was this important figure in our current time.  Learning about the laws of attraction and understanding how they work, the number just started popping up EVERYWHERE – and still is today.   It comes in variations, (3 or 33 or 333).   My interpretation of the number(s), including 11:11 is that it’s my higher self telling me I am on the right path of my journey in this life. I’m just curious if there is any other meanings that you’d be able to tell me of?

Before Spirit Science I began writing a draft copy of a book on philosophy and theories of my own.   The 3rd chapter funnily enough was about the number 3 and how it links to many things in this life time and is used everywhere.   I ended up losing motivation in writing the book once I discovered Spirit Science, it just took me on this whole other journey.  Hope to hear from you.

Love & Light, Nick Continue reading