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A Friend in Need

Update: At the end of 2013, Pheonyx passed away in the Philippines. Our hearts go out to him, and our souls will rejoice when the day comes when we are all once again united in Spirit.

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Some of you may know of the work Pheonyx Roldan Smith.  A passionate, inspiring and caring soul whom it is my honor to call my friend.

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Pheonyx Feedback: “Where Do I Go From Here?”

Patrick wrote:  Dear Pheonyx, Hey.  It was very nice to see you this weekend. I have a lot of questions about Merkaba but I don’t want to overwhelm you with all of them at once. Let me start by asking what happens when the light body is activated? I feel different (my skin really feels different) and I felt like I saw my Merkabra, but it seems like there are levels. What is the next step for me?  Thanks, Patrick


Pheonyx Roldan Smith wrote:  hey, Patrick. great to see you! here’s a good place to start to help you answer your questions…

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Do Good Things Really Come in 3’s??

INQUIRY:  Hey Pheonyx, my name is Nick and I’m a long-term follower of  Spirit Science.  Firstly would like to say I appreciate your participation in Spirit Science so much and it’s awesome that there’s a modern Shaman.    I’ve always been curious about shaman since I was a kid :).   I saw your post on SS’s facebook about unified meditation from the sacred geometry page and noticed you mentioned seeing 333 as well as 11:11.   I’m curious as to what your knowledge/thoughts/feelings/intuition is on the number 3 and 333?

You see, a few years ago before Spirit Science was around and I was starting my spiritual journey, I had this revelation that the number 3 was this important figure in our current time.  Learning about the laws of attraction and understanding how they work, the number just started popping up EVERYWHERE – and still is today.   It comes in variations, (3 or 33 or 333).   My interpretation of the number(s), including 11:11 is that it’s my higher self telling me I am on the right path of my journey in this life. I’m just curious if there is any other meanings that you’d be able to tell me of?

Before Spirit Science I began writing a draft copy of a book on philosophy and theories of my own.   The 3rd chapter funnily enough was about the number 3 and how it links to many things in this life time and is used everywhere.   I ended up losing motivation in writing the book once I discovered Spirit Science, it just took me on this whole other journey.  Hope to hear from you.

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