Pheonyx Feedback: “Where Do I Go From Here?”

Patrick wrote:  Dear Pheonyx, Hey.  It was very nice to see you this weekend. I have a lot of questions about Merkaba but I don’t want to overwhelm you with all of them at once. Let me start by asking what happens when the light body is activated? I feel different (my skin really feels different) and I felt like I saw my Merkabra, but it seems like there are levels. What is the next step for me?  Thanks, Patrick


Pheonyx Roldan Smith wrote:  hey, Patrick. great to see you! here’s a good place to start to help you answer your questions…

OCG-TV on  OCG-TV: SpiriTRUEality Television! *Explore the Possibilities! *Enjoy the Journey! We Believe that the ultimate purpose for all of us here is to Live, Laugh & Love (the 3L’s). All three of which also share contrasts (yin & yang) which serve for the overall growth of our individual Spirits as well…


there are lots of talks on subjects of what happens as we move up the conscious awareness, higher activation ladder. scroll down the playlist section on the right hand column for more specific info on energy, the merkabah and even several archived videos of qigong classes in taught in Asheville. hope that helps. much love, brother. keep breathing.

in love and light, Pheonyx


P.S. and, of course, there’s always this…, an online resource with links to articles, community resource links, youtube (video) library and soundcloud (audio) files for your personal practice of expansion





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  1. Also, I have SO MANY questions… I would like to burn someones ear off with them, if someone would be willing to answer…

  2. Someone please help me! I need to know more! I need to experience higher levels of consciousness, but I do NOT know where to begin. I stumbled on this site by accident, but honestly I feel that I was led here to find it at an appointed time… Sounds weird, but that is exactly how it feels. I would honestly like some pointers on what methods would work best. Also, I have NO IDEA how to center or cleanse my chakra, and feel that I need to. Please, if anyone could help me, if anyone hears this and feels inspired to show me the way, I would be grateful. You can find me on facebook under Jesse Hammond, message me and I will freind you back.

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