Living in the Heart ~ A Transformation Tool like no other!

I want to take a minute to share this book with you. It is a really powerful tool and has been extremely helpful on my path.

The book is called “Living in the Heart”, and it’s a little Gem that Drunvalo Melchizidek created, based on all of his work and communications with many of the great tribal councils, angelic entities and scientific circles of the world. It comes from the understanding of the vibration of the energetic field around the heart.

There are 2 toroidal fields within the center of your heart, and with them come individual experiences for each of them, which are intimately connected with truly understanding yourself on the deepest of levels. There is a difference between experiencing from the brain and from the heart, and the heart is the gateway to letting go and being.

This book offers some amazing information regarding ascension into higher frequencies, as well as 2 powerful meditations for getting into the sacred and tiny spaces within the heart.

The book is available on Amazon here.

Living in the Heart ~ Drunvalo Melchizidek

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Here is some additional information and videos about this particular topic as well.

2 thoughts on “Living in the Heart ~ A Transformation Tool like no other!”

  1. Hi,
    Just two days ago I was watching one of your talk with Skull Babylon,and I just after that channelled something about Love,and living from the heart and not the brain.And just today you post this,its long time since I don’t believe in coincidence anymore,so I thought I would share the channeling,it can be considered as just thoughts or a message of hope,or whatever,just something I would like to share that’s all :
    ”Maybe finally its just about love,about unlocking our hearts and trusting in the magic of the universe.
    Maybe its not about thinking,its about feeling,its not about our brain trying to understand,but our heart who knows what there is to do,where we need to be,all the time.What if its just about loving everything,the dark moment ,the way down of the roller coaster,the way up,the beauty,the sadness,the pain,the laugh ,the cry,what if its just loving or at least accepting and appreciating everything as part of what is,and to accept it wholeheartedly,to even be grateful for it because it makes us grow.What if its about seeing beauty everywhere,about accepting and loving what happen to us? What if its just about living from the heart ?”
    Then I continued because it was directed to my sister who was feeling bad but it might be worth sharing also :
    ”Maybe we have been feeling bad lately,because we were seeing it too much from a brain point of view,trying to knowwhy this,why that,when,how,what now ? what to do ? what if ? […] Maybe the right saying is ‘okay,I’ve learned the lesson,as much as it hurted,Im grateful to have learned it. ‘ Maybe if we need to ask just ask ‘What can we do to move forward now for the greater good ? what can we do to be better ? what can we do to serve the highest good ?’ and doing all that with love and not with anger fear or hatred .
    That’s why people/we often feel blocked because we run on fear based fuel ,when we should run on love.Just love.Like just loving everything,being open,feeling the energy that love permit to exist.Running on fear based is like trying to make a electric devise car move with petrol,it just won’t work,as much as you try.We have closed ourself down with fear and anger and only love could take us out,but not love as love of someone,not only I mean,just THE see what I mean ? like Universal love.Loving without boundaries,without waiting anything,just giving without any expectation,this kind of love.Maybe its just about that? About love.accepting.loving.and then we’ll find back our way.We have gone away in the darkness of fear and anger,and thus our we have felt down and sick ,because without this loving energy we just can’t function.
    I think thats whats its all about.Love.’

    Victoria- Mariah

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