A Friend in Need

Update: At the end of 2013, Pheonyx passed away in the Philippines. Our hearts go out to him, and our souls will rejoice when the day comes when we are all once again united in Spirit.

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Some of you may know of the work Pheonyx Roldan Smith.  A passionate, inspiring and caring soul whom it is my honor to call my friend.

He is in need.

Pheonyx has been in a hospital in the Philippines since 9/17, suffering multiple seizures affecting his speech and movement. Details are few as the doctors work to find a cause and remedy.

A dear friend, Laurie, is flying out to the Philippines tomorrow to watch over him and work to get him home to the loving support of his family.

Laurie’s plane ticket was generously donated and there are many more expenses to come.

It may be a week or even a month before he can travel, and the costs are mounting. Knowing him… he probably wouldn’t ask.

So we are asking for him.  If you can help, he is in need.

You can Donate here



In addition to asking for help, Ray and I are also contributing 70% of any purchase of our online program Panic to Freedom to help Phoenyx get home to the care and support of his loving family.

Additionally, should you feel compelled to offer your support through donation or any other means, please let us know, we would like to gift the program to you to use for yourself or perhaps share with someone in need.


About Pheonyx

Pheonyx went to Cebu City in the Philippines to hold another series of workshops to help people tap into their abundance, full potential, let go of fear, and love more.

He’s been traveling for the last 18 months holding Merkabah workshops all over the world. He stays with host families and lives very meagerly.

He has given up his whole life to be in service to others and to help raise the vibrations of the planet.

His workshops never turn away anyone for lack of funds. An energy exchange has sometimes been a crystal or a painting by a child.

You can read more about Phoenyx and his work on his website: theocgproject.com

11 thoughts on “A Friend in Need”

  1. Hi Jordan, I wanted to mention this hopefully it might help. You mentioned in your previous message that he’s suffering from seizures. Could you please relay to them to look on his magnesium stores, and he can supplement this one using transdermal method, through the skin. Magnesium cures seizures and the fact that there are two organs in the body that have the highest magnesium in the body are the brain and the heart. I’ve been reading about the benefits of magnesium and by the looks of what Phoenyx has, I think he needs some and is deficient in that mineral. If they can manage to get some magnesium oil and apply it to his arms, legs and body, the magnesium will be absorbed. He’s in the Philippines and you can mention that they can order this magnesium oil from this website sulit.com.ph. I know the website cuz I’m here too in the Philippines, and wanted to extend some help. Am not trying to sell anything here, I’m just relaying the info that I got from this wonderful mineral from Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of the Magnesium Miracle book. You can look it up too on the benefits of magnesium. It’s not well known before, but it’s really catching up on the be healthy mainstream. I’m not sure what the doctors found out about the condition he’s in right now, I’m not a doctor myself, but I read a book from a very good doctor with very important information. Please relay, it’s worth a shot.

  2. Without funding, all that I have to offer is my love & blessing. That, however, is given without hesitation. May dawn bring him peace, may dusk bring him shade, and may life bring him health.

    So mote it be.
    ~ Shi’aanon Iaya

  3. I feel for your friend and co-creator and he has been on my prayers ever since i read about his situation.

    I can only make a small transfer of money, but i’ll be glad to do it if you send me the IBAN and bank details.

    Try as much as you can to keep in harmony with everything that’s going on. I know it’s not easy at times, but as a friend recently said to me: “hope is courage with faith”. The Universe knows what is best for everyone. I try to go with the flow of events and emotions and view every chalange as an opportunity to grow.

    Positivity, love light, joy, strengh and peace

  4. I do not have any money, but i can give something ever better. Energy of love, care and healing. Through out your videos Pheonix seems to be a great person and friend. Therefor, I’ll send all the positive energy I can through the earths field to help him recover. It’s meditation time!


      1. Yes it is. One is all, and all is one, EVERYone. Very simple, as is all truth.

        Of course there’s no doubt that the more people meditating, the more profound the effect, th emore immediate and unrelenting… but all it takes is one… because one is all.

  5. Jordan,
    I have donated what I can. I will be praying for Pheonyx: that he may be healed and that he may be with his loved ones.
    Love, Peace, and Happiness,

  6. Thank you for sharing the information about Phoenyx, my donation went through at 11:11.
    Love your work. Thanks for that, too.

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