Pair O’ Dime Shift ~ Power in the Question

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There is a magic living in the question. In the question, anything is possible.

Sometimes it seems like answers we are looking for, but what then when you find them? When we “think” we have the answer, we sometimes make sure that above all else our answer is the right one. Oddly, our world becomes smaller, boxed, and limited.

Maybe questions are the way to go?

Be as you will my friends,

Based on the article – the most important symbol in the english language, ?

3 thoughts on “Pair O’ Dime Shift ~ Power in the Question”

  1. I comes from poverty so as a we & I understand life and it where we can be as 1
    Prefect one use when the sun rise

  2. Dear Jordan and Ray, Thanks so much! I just discovered your life changing videos, and wanted to relay a synchronicity re Lesson 5 – Magic in the ? A few months ago,a coworker shared with me the powerful quotation by W.H. Murray; and attributed it to Goethe. Yesterday while reading Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”, I learned on page 66, the quote belongs to Murray. I thought, i’m going to let my coworker know about this… So then, within the hour, I see video 5, in which you made the same discovery! Wow – Magic! Thank you helping me feel the flow of providence. Your insights are simply genius. Love, Kim

  3. hmmm… Thanks for making that point and all, but I was gonna put this explanation in one of my wiseman videos (GOING WITH THE WAY)

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