Pair O’ Dime Shift 6 ~ Who Should Lead?

This week, i’d like to talk about Leadership and Inspiration.

It’s really simple. This is not about fighting. It’s not “down with the bad stuff!”, it’s about what you’re standing for.

We don’t have a lot of fighting to do. We have a lot of Standing to do.

That morale, that inspiration, comes from the one who stands at the head of the pack, shining the light for everyone to move forward, no matter what the cost.

What does a King absent the battle tell the soldiers about the battle? Perhaps it’s that the battle is not worth fighting… not worth the kings time.

When we step back then, and recognize that these ideas apply to everyday life, we realize that we are the kings, the queens, the sons, the daughters, the brothers and sisters to each other.

We are the inspiration for others to act.

There are people listening, say something worth listening to.

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