Do Good Things Really Come in 3’s??

INQUIRY:  Hey Pheonyx, my name is Nick and I’m a long-term follower of  Spirit Science.  Firstly would like to say I appreciate your participation in Spirit Science so much and it’s awesome that there’s a modern Shaman.    I’ve always been curious about shaman since I was a kid :).   I saw your post on SS’s facebook about unified meditation from the sacred geometry page and noticed you mentioned seeing 333 as well as 11:11.   I’m curious as to what your knowledge/thoughts/feelings/intuition is on the number 3 and 333?

You see, a few years ago before Spirit Science was around and I was starting my spiritual journey, I had this revelation that the number 3 was this important figure in our current time.  Learning about the laws of attraction and understanding how they work, the number just started popping up EVERYWHERE – and still is today.   It comes in variations, (3 or 33 or 333).   My interpretation of the number(s), including 11:11 is that it’s my higher self telling me I am on the right path of my journey in this life. I’m just curious if there is any other meanings that you’d be able to tell me of?

Before Spirit Science I began writing a draft copy of a book on philosophy and theories of my own.   The 3rd chapter funnily enough was about the number 3 and how it links to many things in this life time and is used everywhere.   I ended up losing motivation in writing the book once I discovered Spirit Science, it just took me on this whole other journey.  Hope to hear from you.

Love & Light, Nick


 REPLY: Greetings and Namaste, Nick.  Numbers are the foundation of sacred geometry and sacred geometry is the foundation of all life on the physical 4D levels and below, but also it is the foundation for ALL life and uniformal constructs throughout the multiple Universes.  And yes, your intuition is correct in that the Universe and multi-dimensional beings such as what we refer to as “angels”, “guardians” and “guides” will often communicate to us through numbers.
Now, I a not a numerology expert by any means, and so I go to those who are and can help me understand.  So that being said, in an effort to conserve time and space and use it in the most efficient manner… (and to allow you to do your own research and formulate your own judgments for your own truth around all of it… which is the most essential practice for all awakening human beings at this time on the planet),  I’m going to lead you to the resources I’ve use/d to personally formulate the answers.  Please go to my website at and scroll down the right hand column to “Lightworker Stuff” and “Star Science” categories for links to answers for your questions.  You should be able to find some basic information which you are looking for within the “astrology” and “numbers/numerology” links provided there.   Of course, Google search is a great tool for answering such definitive questions as well.
And as far as 3’s go… it’s a powerful number which speaks to the tri-unity (aka “union”) of the three major elements of basic human be-ingness… the mind, the body and the spirit.   Often it signifies and coming to “the center” of our personal self-awareness and understanding… as I have come to personally understand and apply to my own life and journey of personal Self-discovery and tri-union/integration.   In other words,  3’shave shown up a great deal for me on my path towards self-awareness and understanding.   Meanwhile, 1’s represent new beginnings and/or achieving the next level of awareness or understanding.

Good luck on your journey!  I hope you decide to go back and finish the book some day. I’m sure there’ are folks out there waiting to hear your perspective on all of it. =)

in mutual love, light and learning of the numbers, Pheonyx


Pheonyx Roldan Smith is a spiritual life coach, teacher, energy healer, metaphysical shaman and founder & director of  For the past several years he has offered private instruction and group classes and workshops on qigong, yoga, shamanic breathwork, meditation, and energy bodywork throughout the U.S.  Pheonyx is currently traveling around the world volunteering and documenting his journey while continuing to teach both privately and publicly along the way as the opportunities arise and Spirit presents.  You can learn more about the overall mission of the project at  Click the links to learn, live, laugh and love even more…

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