Spirit Science Podcast, Episode 1: The Ego… Friend or Foe??

Our first episode finds our podcasters discussing The Ego; the part of us we all like to pretend doesn’t exist but is such an integral part of who were are.   In this discussion we talk about what it is, what to do with it, how we can learn from it and even name it! If you’ve had questions and concerns about your own ego this is something you will definitely benefit from.   Listen and join in with Jordan, Atlantis King, Pheonyx, Ryan, Casey, and Dylan in on the conversation in the comments or our forums!


One thought on “Spirit Science Podcast, Episode 1: The Ego… Friend or Foe??”

  1. AMAZING podcast guys! you need to post more! i love your YouTube videos but they are hard to watch at work. podcasts would make my day!

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