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Do Good Things Really Come in 3’s??

INQUIRY:  Hey Pheonyx, my name is Nick and I’m a long-term follower of  Spirit Science.  Firstly would like to say I appreciate your participation in Spirit Science so much and it’s awesome that there’s a modern Shaman.    I’ve always been curious about shaman since I was a kid :).   I saw your post on SS’s facebook about unified meditation from the sacred geometry page and noticed you mentioned seeing 333 as well as 11:11.   I’m curious as to what your knowledge/thoughts/feelings/intuition is on the number 3 and 333?

You see, a few years ago before Spirit Science was around and I was starting my spiritual journey, I had this revelation that the number 3 was this important figure in our current time.  Learning about the laws of attraction and understanding how they work, the number just started popping up EVERYWHERE – and still is today.   It comes in variations, (3 or 33 or 333).   My interpretation of the number(s), including 11:11 is that it’s my higher self telling me I am on the right path of my journey in this life. I’m just curious if there is any other meanings that you’d be able to tell me of?

Before Spirit Science I began writing a draft copy of a book on philosophy and theories of my own.   The 3rd chapter funnily enough was about the number 3 and how it links to many things in this life time and is used everywhere.   I ended up losing motivation in writing the book once I discovered Spirit Science, it just took me on this whole other journey.  Hope to hear from you.

Love & Light, Nick Continue reading