How to Strengthen Your Intuition & Hear Your Inner Voice

To once live without someone and now never wanting to live without, opens the power that intuition can possess.

Every human has an internal guidance system known as intuition that can be heard and felt. “There are many voices in our heads. We have the voices of our parents, teachers, inner critique, and there is a silent intuitive guiding voice. We have to learn to listen to it. We hear it every day among the millions of voices we have in our heads,” says Verne. Intuition is always trying to speak up. “The voice of coulda, shoulda, thought of, thought so, and knew it are all signs of intuition.”

Each of us has the capability to develop and use our intuition. “It’s not very complicated, it’s finding the voice and experimenting with it,” says Verne. You’ll begin to feel your guidance and this will bring a better quality of life.

“When I see people cut off from intuition, I see depression,” says Verne. A strong intuition can reduce depression and increase energy. Recovering and developing intuition comes naturally to some; however, many people have to work on it like a muscle. Intuition takes time and nourishment to develop strength. Verne has developed his intuition with these guidelines.

shutterstock_4170805811. Do calming activities

“The more I get out of my way, the more relaxed I get internally,” says Verne. Reducing stress is an important step in intuitive strength. “Stress can create a lot of acidity in the body’s fluids.”

Quieting the mind with mediating, nature walks, and other calming activities are beneficial for everyone. Reiki and other touch therapy can be a quiet and healing experience. “Essentially when you do a touch therapy you’re taking their chi, so if they’re healthy that’s great.”

Verne warns that your practitioner needs to be healthy to be effective. If the practitioner isn’t healthy their conduit is inhibited by their lack of clarity. “It’s like a garden hose that you kink up and gets a restricted flow so that’s what happens,” explains Verne.
“There are two types of food.

There’s invisible food which is energy and there’s physical food. Both foods nourish us. If someone around you is supportive and loving their energy is good for you. You can grow and get nourished by that. If someone thinks about you long distance, you get nourished by that too,” says Verne Varona. 

2. Eat calming foods (reduce fats, sugars, and caffeine) 

shutterstock_251750599“For most who are very developed with intuition, it’s a gift, and diet doesn’t seem to matter for these people. For me it does. I think for many people it does because food can preoccupy you with thinking,” says Verne. Coffee, energy drinks, and other highly caffeinated drinks make your mind busy. “

Anything that takes you out of your body, takes you out of the moment, or makes you numb, is going to hinder intuitive faculty.” Fats should also be reduced. “One of my teachers used to say fats are very similar in its chemistry to rubber and if you eat a lot of fat you actually insulate yourself like wire wrapped with rubber. You insulate yourself from the vibrational aspect,” says Verne.

Fasting has been used to increase intuition. “So when you fast, I’m not suggesting fasting, but when you fast you get greater sensitivity to vibrational food,” says Verne. This can increase your intuition. Fasting is not recommended because most people have a hard time mentally and physically when coming off the fast.

Few people have broken a fast sanely. Jesus spoke about fasting in the bible. “Very often that was attributed to fasting at every meal, meaning ingesting the absolute minimum amount,” says Verne. If you’re interested in fasting to gain intuitive strength, this is the healthiest way to do it.shutterstock_156757385

“Scientifically, the more you eat and raise blood sugar the less intuitive you’ll be,” says Verne. You’ll have more difficulty accessing intuition because you’re raising your blood sugar. “Your liver is working hard distributing sugar, your pancreas is secreting insulin, and you’ve got the whole body working hard.”

Eating sugar or anything that creates a more extreme blood sugar wave will increase inflammation. “Blood sugar swings from drinking caffeine or waiting long periods between meals which are all negative factors,” says Verne.

“Does food affect intuition? I believe it does. If someone wants to enhance their intuition they can definitely do it dietarily,” says Verne. The key is to eat less food that has extreme reactions in the body. Eat basic grains, vegetables, beans, and moderate amounts of fruits. The macrobiotic diet is based on calming foods that will have you feeling quieter. This Macrobiotic Cheat Sheet is an easy way to  start reducing inflammation and quiet the body. “If I’m drinking caffeine I can’t feel others. When I’m not drinking caffeine, I can feel when someone’s vibrating. If you eat a lot of sweets you can’t be sensitive because you’re throwing off heat,” says Verne.

3. Sleep and wake up early

shutterstock_362979692A healthy sleep cycle improves all bodily functions. “The later you stay up, the more stressful it is for your body. The earlier you get up, the stronger you’ll be,” says Verne. Waking up early quiets the mind and body. “You get much more effective and practical in the early hours of the morning,” says Verne.

4. Distinguish your intuitive voice

Everyone has an intuitive voice that guides us in the right direction. “The real work is to distinguish it,” says Verne. When you feel like you’ve followed your intuitive voice, go back over what happened and recall what the voice sounded like. Also, take note on how you felt or if you saw anything visually.

Every detail can bring you to that point again so you can strengthen and develop listening to your intuition. “The more you can do that, the better you can identify it. The more you will live with a real sense of prevailing company with your intuition,” says Verne. You have to do this over and over to start clearly identifying your individual intuitive voice. “Even when you know the voice, it’s not always easy identifying it,” says Verne.

5. Ask your intuitive voice questions

When you’ve distinguished your intuitive voice, you can then start asking questions to receive intuitive answers. “The work of questioning intuition comes when you learn to identify the voice,” says Verne. Start small with yes or no answers, then feel and listen for the response. Be aware of your other voices as well.

shutterstock_87255307“There’s a very fine line between your intuition, fear, and analysis. You may think that it’s an intuitive voice, but really it’s just amounts of deductive logic and it’s an analytical choice,” says Verne.

Our analytical minds are used to making choices and may jump in based on assumption and rational thinking. The analytical choices we make are not intuition. “You always know intuitively when something works because everything seems to work around that,” says Verne.

Overall, “Learn to be quiet and identify. Your intuition is trying to talk to you every day, it’s there all the time,” says Verne. Leading your life with intuition may be different than your current way of acting. has resources for you to stop sugar cravings, control cholesterol, and start feeding your intuition. The framework of your intuition needs solid footing so, build a foundation of positive people who support your transition. Every smile, laugh, and hug makes the quest for innate knowledge more enjoyable.

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