Daily Divination ~ The Wisdom of the Cat People

Todays reading… Cat People Tarot. How very utterly unusual.

It actually came about because I asked the universe around me and one particular aspect of the Universe in a human body with Red hair and a bright spirit shouted “CAT PEOPLE TAROT!”  And so it is. Here we are, and let us have a look shall we?

0020 - 3CardCatPeople

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King of Pentacles – Honest and Mature, wise, the Fire aspect of Earth. The spiritual toiling over the land, protecting the Kingdom, doing the physical work. Fire and Earth.

Page of Pentacles Reversed  – She is illogical, making silly decisions based upon ideas about the physical world without proper understanding of its natural systems. Dissipation of ideas, rebellious, wasteful, and loss.

Six of Wands – Good News, Gain, Victory, Forward Motion, Triumph, and the result of Effort!


Todays reading is very much a story about how we had a solid hold on things, there was a sudden flip in energies, but then it worked out really well!

The King of Pentacles is the Fire aspect of Earth, the warmth of the Sun that fuels the growth of plants, the part of us that does the work of Spirit, in a very physical way.

It then flips to the Page of Pentacles reversed. The page is an artist, and this is interesting because she is illogical in the reversed position, ignorant of the world around her taken to an extreme.

But in this case, the following card shows Spiritually victorious. So it feels to me like one of those vortexes where, maybe we will have a weird or bizarre twist in the middle of your day that is like a curious miniature event… but then, even if you feel strange, it will create a balance in the flow.

So, if anything curious does happen today, it might be best to take an action that you wouldn’t normally do, but feel compelled to because… Well, that part is your story to write.

Have a great day!

With love,


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