11 Ways To Know You Are Being Energetically Drained By Those Around You

Energy Feeding Is The Bottom Line

To move about on any dimensional plane requires energy.  All Beings require energy to Be and Do.

When we talk about vampires we are not talking about the depiction in films/television. We are not talking about literal blood suckers. We are using the ‘vampire’ reference for a non voluntary feeding that is taking place on our life force energy from living consciousness either in the physical or non-physical realms and on all levels of your Beingness – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

It has also been classified as psychic attack, although psychic attack can bring more misery than energy vampirism. This energy taking can be a very convoluted situation.Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 3.11.31 PM

Physical And Non-Physical Energy Vampires

Physical Vampires are humans. Some people are unable to move thru life without taking energy from others. They may have a physical, emotional or mental dysfunction that is draining them and most times energy feeding is not intentional or deliberate.

The energy feeder could be anyone – friend, co-worker, your children, other family members, intimate relationship, a fleeting encounter, other group meetings/organizations.

Non-Physical Vampires are entities in the unseen, non-physical realms around us. They have every intention in stealing and using your energy. That is mainly how they survive. They set up energy siphoning thru childhood/adult physical and sexual trauma, addictions, injuries, extreme fear and ecstatic bliss episodes and events, thru unspoken/spoken agreements in the physical and nonphysical realms in other lifetimes or this one and also thru joint permission with others.

They are also opportunists and will attach to energy siphons that another human is using. This is a double whammy for the one being used.Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 12.16.18 PM

You Are At Risk For Energy Vampirism Or Currently Being Depleted When:

1. You feel drained after being in someone’s presence or a phone conversation, your energy has been leached, especially when someone has been talking AT YOU INSTEAD OF WITH YOU.

2. Trying to fit in. When you have to shrink yourself to fit into a group, to be less than so that you are liked and accepted.

3.   Feeling guilty at home about not being who they want you to be or doing enough for them.

4. Being a ‘yes’ person, a ‘go-to’ person, a doormat, doing what others want you to do even when you don’t want to. And then you become mad with yourself because you know you are being manipulated and not doing anything about it.

5. Having sexual intimacy without both partners having love for and being in joy with one another.

6.  You would like to leave a relationship, but there seems to be no end. Confusion reigns and clarity is not there because of the feeding. Not sure how to find a way out or even if there is a way out.

7.  Participating in or supporting drama. This is a huge energy suck and drainer.

8. If you’re in an abusive situation, narcissistic personalities are famous energy drainers and takers. They intimidate, physically or emotionally abuse, belittle, confuse and generally create all varieties of cray cray.  The energy entanglement with a narcissist may take lots of help and considerable self strength to untangle from and flee.

9. Worshipping a guru, god, celebrity or other Being, physical or nonphysical, outside of yourself. Your energy and power is being freely and intentionally delivered to one outside of yourself. It is okay to read books and follow someone for more knowledge, but taking it further than that may be detrimental.

10.  Someone important in your life is saying they can’t live without you, they wouldn’t know how to live without you, and the famous one “If you loved me you would ____”.

11. Experiencing chronic fatigue and no matter how many health drinks/food/supplements/exercises you do your energy is still low. It is also a good idea to see if there is a physical condition as well when in chronic fatigue such as candida and fungus overgrowth. Both of those are significant energy zappers.

But if you are in a relationship that sounds like any of the above, energy vampirism could be the culprit.

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