Daily Divination 4/21/16 ~ Fire & Ice

No doubts on this one, this is the ultimate meeting of two very powerful, very opposing runes. Before we dive in, let’s consider the day that we are talking about. Yesterday we celebrated cannabis day and tomorrow we move on to Earth Day, and with a full moon to top it off. Mars is officially in retrograde and soon 4 other planets will join. This is a powerful time with powerful forces at work. Be weary, be sharp, and be well. Taking care of yourself during these uncertain times is paramount.

rune42116 doneFirst we draw Kenaz, the rune of the torch. The beacon light, or torch light, is what leads the way in time of darkness and uncertainty. We travel with a torch to light our next few steps ahead, illuminating who and what is immediately around you. Kenaz suggests the burning flame of creativity, vision, and inspiration that is necessary for new growth. The fire of life fuels you, giving you a reason to get up in the morning and meet the day with fervor, skill, and passion.

Compare this fire energy with Isa, the Ice rune, representing stillness and the slowing of movement. Isa calls on us to draw inward during these times and seek clarity through patience. This rune will often come to us when it is time to slow down and take care of ourselves, perhaps after a long period of hard work or excessive fun. In either case, the rejuvenation that accompanies periods of rest is what prepares us for what’s ahead. This gives us the chance to review our intentions and how they compare to our habits. Hopefully, we use this energy to elevate ourselves to live the lives we truly want, and truly deserve.

Together, we see Ice acting on Fire. This time of year, spring in full swing, spirits and kinship high, we see time speeding up and plans coming into fruition. We see connections being made, paths becoming fulfilled. The time is ripe to make great strides ahead in your mission. Whether you achieve this or not will depend on your ability to adapt to the circumstances and maintain your composure in the midst of a whirlwind of opposing forces. You will see emotions run high and you will see relationships strained, especially when they rest upon half truths.

Keep in mind that this time is powerful. We are all powerful beings full of light and intention, and we are all ready to bloom. Keep your head up and be strong, positive changes are coming to you. If you are feeling rushed, overwhelmed, or like you might need a minute to catch up, this is your day. Where we see delay we also see preparation. Consider all of the activity around you to be of benefit to you. Consider it to be the breath of fresh air that you need to forge ahead. Breathe it in and be well on your journey.

Alistair & Forest

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