Daily Divination ~ Dealing with our Blockages

Today is a peculiar reading because of the nature of the day. All around the world people gather together to get high and celebrate the healing medicine that is cannabis.

But there’s more to it than that, of course there has to be, there are billions of fractals of human experience going on, and this 420 phenomenon is only one small aspect of the bigger picture.

As many of you know, we just hit Mars Retrograde, amongst a litany of other retrogrades that are also occurring at this very point in time. This particular one hit me personally like a freight train, the day Mars Retrograde started I went into a really angry spiral that lasted a day and a half. Even now, i’m not 100% clear on what it was was at the core of my anger… I only knew that I was angry, about all sorts of things.

So it makes sense that as we go into tomorrow the cards that I’ve pulled are Oppression and Strife. Two cards that mirror each other perfectly in magnitudes regarding blockages of a spiritual nature.

09 - Blockages1

These two cards imply the essence of the challenges that we face that we may not be able to resolve easily because they are such large and solid blocks, they require patience, time, understanding, and growth to move through.

After pulling these 2 cards, I couldn’t leave it there. I asked for more information, on what this meant and what we should do regarding these challenges, and I pulled Works – the 3 of Disks.

The 3 of Disks is all about focusing on getting the things done that need to get done in order to create what we’re trying to create. Sounds simple enough right? Want a result? Do the work!

The works shows 3 disks spinning together creating a pyramid from above. This is the basis of building any sort of establishing “thing” in the 3rd dimension. In order to build it, we have to start small, and grow big.

Perhaps the nature of these blocks, Oppression and Strife, are only blocks that can be resolved by starting something fundamentally new at this time, and though it may take some time, with patience and putting your heart into that new thing, we can bring our blocks to a resolution within ourselves, and without.

So with that, happy working!

And happy 420 ;)

With love,


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