How You Can Raise Your Health And Consciousness With Fulvic Acid

Perhaps you’ve heard of the health and consciousness promoting supplement being talked and written about in the holistic health community called fulvic acid. One of the foremost experts in organic soil science is Dr. William Jackson, said, “If the Creator felt that it was necessary to design something to solve multiple problems, and if this Creator wanted to show us the magic and miracle of pulling ‘rabbits from a hat,’ then an outstanding job was done with the design of fulvic acid. ”

Fulvic acids are created by soil-based microorganisms to help make nutrients available to the roots of the plant to uptake and utilize.


Fulvic acid has 14,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 electrons it can donate.

For human and animal health, fulvic acid helps in an incredible amount of ways. It is the most potent anti-oxidant known as it has 14 tetratrillion (that’s 14 with twenty-one 0’s behind it) electrons that it can donate.

Interestingly, it can both donate and accept electrons- something no other compound is known to be able to accomplish.

According to Supreme Fulvic, fulvic acids are also the richest source of electrolytes, helps to chelate metallic minerals (and transmute them into bioavailable forms), helps with vitamin and mineral transportation and absorption, catalyzes enzymatic activity and helps dramatically with neutralizing radioactive substances within the body as well as catalyzing the breakdown and elimination of herbicides and pesticides.

Healthy Implications

Because the nature of  fulvic acid is so intricately complex, chemists have yet to be able to synthesize it. This means the pharmaceutical industry has little opportunity to financially exploit this healing substance. In fact, Dr. Daniel Nuzum has treated over 8,000 patients (including cancer patients) with fulvic acid, with positive results from all of them. For those with cancer, any disease or ailment, fulvic acid is something to look into and strongly consider utilizing.

According to Optimally Organic, their fulvic acid is best when it is water-extracted and from lush vegetation, and not from a dried rock bed.

Alchemy of Fulvic Acid

The alchemical fermentation process, symbolic of the essence of the  creation of Humic-Fulvic from vegetable matter

The alchemical fermentation process, symbolic of the essence of the creation of Humic acid-Fulvic acid matrix from vegetable decomposition.

Fulvic acid’s ability to transform unusable inorganic minerals into usable organic minerals is nature’s beautiful alchemical process operating within the matrix of this wonderful and mystical molecule.

It has the ability to transform toxic substances into perfectly structured nutrients that can then be used by our body. Fulvic acid also has been shown to increase the synthesis rate of DNA and RNA. Chinese medicine has long called fulvic acid “Wujinsan,” which means “golden medicine” due to its illuminating golden color.

Because of its ability to detoxify and restore electrochemical balance, a person’s body is in a better state to absorb and utilize prana/cosmic energy/source energy. The physical body becomes a cleaner and more energized slate for the spiritual energy to flow through us.

One could also conjecture that this detoxification process also positively affects the pineal gland.

What are your thoughts, reader? Have you tried fulvic acid or do you know someone with health challenges who might benefit? What experiences have you noticed if you’ve used or are using fulvic acid?

My intention is to bring even more awareness to this incredible miracle in nature so that it may help people in whichever ways that are best for those individuals.

Sources for the best fulvic acid and scientific information and research can be found here and here.

Cheers to our health!


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