Understanding the Energy of Tonight’s Full Moon in Scorpio

There is a full moon in Scorpio tonight! Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac and quite an intense one. The most used word to describe Scorpio’s is intense. Much like a scorpion, scorpios can act with a tough exterior, when they are much more sensitive on the inside.

shutterstock_273508055The ruler of Scorpio is Mars, the planet of passion and fire, which are naturally more intense than other traits. Pluto, the planet of depth, secrets and power is also a sub-ruler of Scorpio. There are always opposing signs, so now that the moon is in Scorpio, the sun is in Taurus.

So there is a pull between the intensity of the scorpion and the push of the bull. Taurus is all about the push, the motion and moving life forward. It deals with practicality, solidity and staying true to yourself. At times, it can seem pushy, greedy and insensitive. Those are the two poles that are reflecting each other.

Scorpio’s energies come through many different ways, is it up to our perception to deem them either positive or negative. The up side of scorpio is about transformation, love and passion. The down side reflects obsession, control, jealousy and manipulation.

This sign is about creating your destiny, putting yourself in the spot of the creator and taking the actions that will produce the results you’re wanting. Take the time in this full moon to reflect on what you truly want in life, and see the steps you can take to get there.

shutterstock_320049485 As we move forward, Mars and Pluto are already in retrograde. This means the energies of Scorpio are even more intensified as it’s ruling planets get amplified. Because Mars just went into retrograde and the full moon is in a Mars-ruled sign, the energies of passion, aggression and transformation are completely amplified

During this time, try to work through any frustrations you have towards people that have been building up over time. Try to use the wave of intensity to your benefit, as it will allow you to see how people act under pressure and bring out their true colors.

Conflicts might be more explosive, bigger and last longer while Mars is in retrograde. Many people get anxious during retrogrades because emotions get very sensitive and it’s easier to aggravate people than normal. This is a perfect time to practice patience and compassion with the people in your life.

shutterstock_325003325Allow any blocked emotions, past issues or miscommunications to come up, and instead of getting upset or dismissing the problems, hear them fully. See the purpose they serve in your life and the lessons you can learn from them.

You just might find that old issues that kept you in the same energetic patterns can become understood so well that they are no longer repeated.

The planets come out of retrograde in early May, so until then, use this time to accelerate your personal growth and expand in ways your might have been scared of doing before. Understand everyone is affected by these energies, even if they don’t feel it. So everyone will be a little off, and that is a perfect time to see different sides of people you’ve never seen before.

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