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These Surreal Satellite Images Remind Us That Earth Is A Work of Art

Every day we hear about the destruction that we, as a species, do to our planet. The pockets of wilderness that still exist on our planet are becoming smaller and smaller, and as they continue to shrink it can be easy to become increasingly cynical and hopeless about our chances of protecting it.

However, every now and again a set of images are produced that remind us of the intricate beauty of nature and that it is worth conserving. The U.S. Geological Society has recently released a set of images that do exactly that.

The pictures were originally taken to show the changes that happen to our planet over time, but when the team starting taking them, they adapted their motives. Rather than mapping changes, they simply took images that highlighted the complex beauty of Earth from the air.

The full list of images can be seen here. However, we picked our favourite four that show that our planet is worth fighting for.

Great Sandy Desert, AustraliaEarth art

The yellow of the dunes is a beautiful juxtaposition with the red that indicates forest fires that had scorched the grass and forest at the time the picture was taken.

The mix of colours in the rest of the image are different forms of geological formations.

Tanezrouft Basin, AlgeriaEarth art

Taken over a desolate area of the Sahara Desert, the striking colours of the sand dunes and sandstone formations are the only features in a landscape that don’t hold a drop of water. Continue reading

Another Famous Holistic Doctor Has Passed Over

Alfred Bowman, also known as Dr. Sebi, has passed over in Honduras. Though it may have indeed been an intentional murder to silence this great healer of holistic medicine, what I wish to focus on is Dr. Sebi’s accomplishments so that his knowledge spreads to even more people on how to take health and healing into one’s own hands.


Takes On The FDA and Wins

In 1985 Dr. Sebi placed an ad in three different newspapers which read:

“Aids has been cured by the Usha Research Institute, and we specialize in cures for Sickle Cell, Lupus, Blindness, Herpes, Cancer and others.”

The ad was running still 2 years later until the New York Attorney General served Dr. Sebi with an arrest warrant. In court, Dr. Sebi was charged with practicing medicine without a license, selling products not approved by the FDA,  and claiming to cure AIDS and other diseases, which was seen by the court as a fraudulent claim.

Dr. Sebi was asked to bring one person to court as proof for every disease he claimed to cure. He ended up bringing in over 70 patients as his living proof and Dr. Sebi was dismissed after the judge spoke more in-depth with Sebi and the patients.


Dr. Sebi’s Philosophy and Methods

Dr. Sebi, a pathologist, herbalist, biochemist and naturalist, believed that the root of all disease was excessive mucous–that the mucous was the effect of an out of balance biochemical state within the body. Continue reading

The Importance of Forest “Bathing” & How To Do It In Less Than 30 Minutes

For many of us who live in cities, the hectic nature of modern life can leave you feeling tired. As the days and weeks blend together, we exist in a consistent state of auto-pilot. Ultimately, we end up feeling totally drained, both physically and psychologically, which can lead to all manner of ailments.

The answer according to Japanese Society for Hygiene is forest bathing. Read on to discover exactly what forest bathing is and how to make it a regular part of your schedule.

What is Forest Bathing?

Originally a concept created by the Japanese (called Shinrin-yoku), forest bathing in the simplest sense is the act of immersing yourself in nature for a short period of time by walking and/or sitting in a wooded area. Devised in the 1980’s, it is a form of therapy that now is at the very heart of Japan’s preventive health care and healing.shutterstock_410863186

With so much of modern life taking place in the office, it is easy to see how you may have neglected your connection with nature. But when we lose this connection, we cause ourselves all manner of physical and psychological issues. Continue reading

5 Plants Proven To Bring You Health, Wealth and Happiness in Life

The benefits of surrounding yourself in nature are far stretching and well documented, playing a huge role in calming the body as well as focusing the mind. Nature should be introduced into as many aspects of your life as possible.

However, living in the middle of a large city, especially in an apartment with little to no outdoor space, you could find bringing more nature into your space quite a challenge. The solution? Plants.shutterstock_362623601

By looking for plants that will thrive even when kept indoors, you will experience a wide array of spiritual benefits, alongside the more immediate health benefits such as air purification and microbe filtration.

On top of this, different plants have their own little quirks such as their scent or care routine, which contribute in unique ways to the prosperity of your home and your spirit.

So what are some of these advantages, and which plants should you fill your home with immediately?


This plant, thought to originate in China, is not only very easy to take care of, but grows pretty quickly so you can have a thriving green area in your home in barely any time at all. Continue reading

Ecotherapy: How to Create a Sacred Relationship With Mother Nature

If you knew there was a secret remedy that could reduce stress, promote a healthy body-image, and significantly improve your mental health, you would grab it with both hands right?

Well the world does hold this remedy, in nature. Simply spending time surrounded by nature, even small patches of greenery in an inner city area, has a whole range of benefits for your health.

Nature as Therapy


Ecotherapy is a practice which has at its heart our connection to the natural world. It works by increasing the time we spend in nature, and celebrates the various restorative effects this has on our body, mind, and soul.

There are many theories as to why an immersion in nature feels so good, but a lot come back to the same idea known as the ‘Biophilia Hypothesis’. Essentially, we love nature as humans because we evolved in it, it’s in our DNA.

We feel drawn to nature and if we commit to spending time in it, and enter into an open communication with it, we begin to develop a greater understanding of the world around us and, in turn, ourselves.

 By giving nature greater access to your life, you can reap these rewards. Here are 7 ways nature teaches us about life and nurtures our souls:

  1. Nature knows no labels

Western modern society is built on a foundation of quick shortcuts that we use to quickly interpret, and oftentimes judge, our fellow citizens to determine how we should interact with them. People’s job titles, clothes style, and social class all construct for us a picture of a person. Continue reading

Forget Kibble: 3 Healthy Homemade Cat & Dog Food Recipes

Most commercial brand pet food contains meat and grain by-products, preservatives, artificial fillers, and syrups that aren’t doing your pet any favors. Countless reports have been filed of issues including skin irritations, illness, and disease.

There has been a revolt against dog food manufacturers’ “nutritionism,” which is the misguided belief that scientists can engineer food better than Mother Nature.

Nutritionism holds that the sources and conditions of ingredients used to make pet foods are a separate matter from the finished product, and so as long as the nutritional content meets standard criteria, conventional kibble is an ideal replacement for fresh, real food.

 The belief that factory-made pet food is superior to a pet’s natural, ancestral diet is not only flawed, it’s arrogant. Put your pet first with these recipes that will keep them healthy, happy and strong.

Peanut Butter Dog Biscuitsshutterstock_3035834

These homemade dog biscuits are a healthful and wholesome treat for your pup. Keep these in an airtight container to keep handy and fresh, or better yet, share them with other dog-owners as a gift!

Ingredients Continue reading