5 Plants Proven To Bring You Health, Wealth and Happiness in Life

The benefits of surrounding yourself in nature are far stretching and well documented, playing a huge role in calming the body as well as focusing the mind. Nature should be introduced into as many aspects of your life as possible.

However, living in the middle of a large city, especially in an apartment with little to no outdoor space, you could find bringing more nature into your space quite a challenge. The solution? Plants.shutterstock_362623601

By looking for plants that will thrive even when kept indoors, you will experience a wide array of spiritual benefits, alongside the more immediate health benefits such as air purification and microbe filtration.

On top of this, different plants have their own little quirks such as their scent or care routine, which contribute in unique ways to the prosperity of your home and your spirit.

So what are some of these advantages, and which plants should you fill your home with immediately?


This plant, thought to originate in China, is not only very easy to take care of, but grows pretty quickly so you can have a thriving green area in your home in barely any time at all.

It is known for attracting joy and wealth into the home and offers spiritual protection, plus, coming from the birthplace of Feng Shui, this plant will introduce a lot of positivity into your home due to the fact that it’s green, resilient, and living.

Bonsai Tree

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These plants are notorious for their slightly tricky regime of upkeep, but it is for precisely this reason that they are so beneficial to your mental development and focus.

These plants require careful care; trimming, watering, fertilization, and climate control, which over time develop your patience and lower stress levels.

Through caring for this plant properly, you will also develop mental flexibility and spiritual growth as you become attuned to noticing your plant’s needs and ensuring that these needs are met.


As well as adding a visually stimulating beauty to your home, as with all the plants in the article, the small white flowers stimulate your sense of smell. If you treat your senses as you would your muscles, by exercising them you can keep them sharp and precise, more sensitive to new smells.

Introduce plants that stimulate your nose, and over time you will find an improvement in your sense of smell. Besides that, the scent of honeysuckle is said to invite dreams of passion and lust.


This flower also has a strong, recognizable scent with its own unique properties.

Lavender is well known as having relaxing properties that can help soothe and calm you, so this is particularly useful to have in the house if you struggle with getting enough sleep.

It is also renowned for aiding concentration, and promoting a more stable mood by reducing anxiety.


This herb is another essential for anyone looking to grown their own spiritual home-garden, and can additionally be used in any home cooking you might wish to do. It shares its namesake with those having or showing profound wisdom, and is said to invite wisdom into your home.


Its roots in language can be traced back to the Latin salvia meaning ‘healing plant’ and for good reason, as sage is said to bring longevity and even immortality.

When it comes to growing your own spiritual garden at home, these are some fantastic places to start.

Each of these plants has benefits across the physical and spiritual planes and through proper maintenance of your plants, and spending time each day simply being around them, without distraction, you’ll find your soul blossoming and your mental well-being vastly improving.

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