Tying It Together: Ego, Souls, Karma, Twin Flames, Separation & Unification

 So when you’re looking at the big picture of spirituality, how do concepts like ego, ego reactions, souls, karma, twin flames, separation and unification all tie up?

Your emotional response in any situation is your ego.


An ego REACTION is one of the following family of emotions: guilt, anger, doubt, fear, shame, vulnerability, possessiveness, humiliation, embarrassment, resistance, envy, competition, awe, admiration, etc, etc.

An ego reaction is any EMOTION that makes you feel inferior or superior to the person in front of you.

Ego is the mechanism of creation: it allows us to take soul energy and break it into smaller, but complete, pieces, known as souls.

Ego is the idea that your little holographic fragment of soul is a complete identity.

Ego is carried at the level of the SOUL, and not the body or a single lifetime identity.

The trap of ego is karma – the idea that another identity owes your identity or you owe that identity somehow and that this can be balanced across lifetimes.


The release from karma is forgiveness first, compassion later.

Twin flames bring the mechanism of unification through spontaneous tantric union. Unification is the undoing of ego.

Ego is separation of energy, while unification merges previously separated energy.

Time is a space that allows us to experience each aspect of energy separated and individuated in space. Otherwise we would think and experience everything at once.

Time is the space that allows physical creation to happen one experience at a time.

Creation is ALL ABOUT SEPARATION on every level. Ego is the mechanism of separation.

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