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When we work together on an issue that you're facing, I help you shortcut the growth and healing cycle so that you feel relief much more quickly - within days usually. Basically, we can change the way you feel about anything, helping you to find real mental, emotional and spiritual relief, permanently. My methods are definitely unconventional and you can be sure that I will challenge you to your limits, but you can also be sure that you will experience mental and emotional relief, as well as a surge of joy, happiness and motivation to allow you to move forward and achieve the success you want to achieve in life. In short, if you are experiencing a challenge that you want to shift so you can move forward, I am certain that I can help you - regardless of the area that challenge lies in. Visit my website to access free and paid coaching tools and resources, innovative free online diagnostics and tools, eBooks, giveaways and more: Life Coaches Toolbox

How Do We Know That Energy & Healing Are Real? This is How:

What is energy, what is an aura, and do you have a field of energy around and within your body?

We feel that it exists, that it’s there, but what is the proof that tells us unequivocally that we are right – and not just imagining it?

Luckily, over the years, a number of key scientific experiments have been conducted to answer the question of “Does energy exist?”.


Kinesiology is a muscle testing process that was discovered around the late 60s/early70s.

Today it forms the basis for healing modalities like Sports Science Medicine, Resonance Repatterning and BodyTalk, among others.


Basically kinesiology enables you test whether or not someone energetically resonates with an object or statement.

The word resonate or resonance in energy, basically means that your body and system (mind, thoughts, feeling, soul, energy) are aligned or agree with that item, person or statement.

So, a simple example would be identifying a tissue salt that someone needs. They could hold various salts while pressure is applied to a muscle in their body – usually the arm.

If resistance is encountered when the pressure is applied, then the tissue salt is indicated. If no muscle resistance is encountered, then the person’s system does not need that particular salt. Continue reading

Empath Alert: How to Stay Balanced As Earth’s Energies Intensify

Around the world there’s all sorts of craziness and shifting and going on – and many empaths feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath them.

What’s happening, why is it happening and how long can we expect this to last?

The number of illnesses and deaths that are around right now are just staggering…. just wow. A large number of people are not making it through this change period at all. Youngsters are dying suddenly, there are sudden onset illnesses, relationship ending and…. wow, no wonder we’re feeling like this.

For those of you that are having it easy during this period… just go sit quietly in your corner until we call you okay?

So this is what it looks like is happening…


It’s a major transition period – as August always is after Lion’s Gate. All the lowest vibration people who can’t make the transition to 5D are leaving the plane.

What’s is Lion’s Gate? It’s an astrological event that happens on 8 August each year and is effectively the planet’s new year. It also introduces unity energy and opens a portal for that energy – unity energy is the driving theme of the lightworker mission. We’re here to restore unity. Continue reading

A Post-Breakup Energy Healing For Those Who Left Their Soulmate

What do you do immediately after a break up to help you recover and regain equilibrium?

When you’ve been through a breakup with your partner, soulmate or twin flame, it really feels like your world is falling apart, and often, as the panic sets in,  you just don’t know where to turn or what to do next.

shutterstock_326103548This energy healing and life coaching video will take you about half  an hour to complete, and is comprised of a guided range of energy healing and life coaching exercises to help your body and energetic system settle, reduce your emotional turmoil, recover more quickly and process through the aftermath of the experience.

Whether you are hoping to move on cleanly or you would like to invite a reconciliation, this series of steps will help you clear away the blocks and issues that lie inside you, and will help you feel better, both immediately and over the long term.

Designed to be completed quickly, in one sitting, this healing strategy will help you process your emotions much more quickly, so that you are calmer and clearer when and if you have to face your partner again. If you are hoping for a reconciliation, the clarity and change in your energy and mindset may be exactly the tool you need to overcome the blocks that have led to this point in your life. Continue reading

A Practical Explanation of How Energy Healing & Miracles Work

This video  gives you a practical and easy-to-identify with explanation that will help you understand healing and miracles.

shutterstock_231997855 (1)Probably the single most important understanding this video will give you is that every energy healing IS a miracle already, and there is no order of difficulty in miracles.

Basically this means that if you can create a miracle of healing through a healing modality, you can extend that knowledge out to be able to create miracles of any kind, or any magnitude, anywhere.

Once you have a practical understanding of this particular spiritual concept, you will have released one of the biggest barriers to self healing and becoming a miracle worker yourself.

In addition, the video covers a number of other key spiritual concepts that are connected to this understanding, beginning with the idea that life is a dream, your mind and soul are still in God, and your body is in physical creation.

This comes complete with cool hand-drawn diagram that will help you understand how we are God and part of God, but still separated individual souls at the same time.

shutterstock_270038441 (1)Then we unpack ego as the mechanism of creation and how ego is a barrier to reaching God. Continue reading

DNA Upgrades: What They Mean & How They Affect Our Body

All over the spiritual communities you hear talk of the words DNA upgrades, upgrades and light body activation.

But what does this actually all mean and how is it impacting your life, the situations around you and your body?


There was a really interesting experiment done a few years back that shows how DNA immediately affects the environment around us by pulling atomic elements like photons into a holding pattern.

Effectively, what is happening is that Source is sending microwave particles of light and energy from the sun with all these storms, burst and flares.


These microwaves enter your body (this is why I don’t talk on phones, too much can be damaging), and begin to change your body at the level of your DNA.

All healing does this actually – the new energy (or resonance) makes physical changes to your DNA and cellular structure. Continue reading

How to Live A 5D Life Within A 3D World

As the global shift and awakening continues to spread, so many spiritual journeyers feel like they’re being torn in two…. conflicted between the 5D energies brewing inside them, and the obligations they have to meet in the 3D world.

Relationships are changing as both men and women around the world are realizing that they want different things in relationships. Most notably men are looking for emotional connection and depth, and women are no longer willing to accept men who do not take care of themselves on the physical level.

Many women are also finding themselves wanting to explore the idea of multiple partners, or polyamory.Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.46.09 AM

Unconditional love has been another evolving energy on the planet, as people come to realize that love is conditional and has equal return. As a result, many of us are setting firm boundaries and putting our foot down in situations and with people where we previously would have backed off and compromised.

Over this time, many journeyers have also felt a strong urge to begin speaking up, and begin speaking and living their truths. An area of irritation that many of these journeyers are encountering is rebellion against 3D authority models – specifically in the area of rules and regulations. Continue reading