A Practical Explanation of How Energy Healing & Miracles Work

This video  gives you a practical and easy-to-identify with explanation that will help you understand healing and miracles.

shutterstock_231997855 (1)Probably the single most important understanding this video will give you is that every energy healing IS a miracle already, and there is no order of difficulty in miracles.

Basically this means that if you can create a miracle of healing through a healing modality, you can extend that knowledge out to be able to create miracles of any kind, or any magnitude, anywhere.

Once you have a practical understanding of this particular spiritual concept, you will have released one of the biggest barriers to self healing and becoming a miracle worker yourself.

In addition, the video covers a number of other key spiritual concepts that are connected to this understanding, beginning with the idea that life is a dream, your mind and soul are still in God, and your body is in physical creation.

This comes complete with cool hand-drawn diagram that will help you understand how we are God and part of God, but still separated individual souls at the same time.

shutterstock_270038441 (1)Then we unpack ego as the mechanism of creation and how ego is a barrier to reaching God.

The we go on to explain (using the Red Pill analogy from Matrix), how healing happens on the spiritual and energetic level, and why your victim mentality makes you reliant on others for healing. We also unpack how mitigating your ego enables you to start healing yourself.

And we give you a bit of a hand with that, by teaching you how to differentiate between working on your ego examples and the real patterns, so that you can really begin to shift the issues.

The video also includes a few examples of higher level ego battles that you can expect if you choose the path to ascension, as so many of us around the world are deciding to do.

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