A Post-Breakup Energy Healing For Those Who Left Their Soulmate

What do you do immediately after a break up to help you recover and regain equilibrium?

When you’ve been through a breakup with your partner, soulmate or twin flame, it really feels like your world is falling apart, and often, as the panic sets in,¬† you just don’t know where to turn or what to do next.

shutterstock_326103548This energy healing and life coaching video will take you about half  an hour to complete, and is comprised of a guided range of energy healing and life coaching exercises to help your body and energetic system settle, reduce your emotional turmoil, recover more quickly and process through the aftermath of the experience.

Whether you are hoping to move on cleanly or you would like to invite a reconciliation, this series of steps will help you clear away the blocks and issues that lie inside you, and will help you feel better, both immediately and over the long term.

Designed to be completed quickly, in one sitting, this healing strategy will help you process your emotions much more quickly, so that you are calmer and clearer when and if you have to face your partner again. If you are hoping for a reconciliation, the clarity and change in your energy and mindset may be exactly the tool you need to overcome the blocks that have led to this point in your life.

Covering all the key issues that you could be facing now, the video will help you invite a miracle over your life and relationship, clear your energetic system and help it to move through the emotional turmoil much more quickly.


In addition, you will have opportunity to purge and express things left unsaid and set clearer boundaries going forward.

Closing off with forgiveness release work, the strategy will also empower you with a mantra and point of focus that you can use in order to ensure that your inner voice does not run rampant and destroy the great shifting work you’ve managed to do.

You’ll enter this feeling scared and confused and upset, but by the end of the healing, you will be feeling lighter, clearer, more focused and more sure of what you want and where you stand.

And the best thing is it’s completely free. No strings attached ;)

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