The Most Fulfilling Career For You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re struggling at work, or are currently job-hunting and meeting a lot of dead ends, you might be looking in the wrong places. Your Zodiac sign says a lot about who you are as a person including the personality traits you inhabit and what makes you tick. So it follows that it can tell you a lot about your ideal line of work too.

Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work, so it’s vital that you do something you are wired to thrive in based on your star sign. Our signs are at the core of so many of the decisions we make and our personality traits, so it makes sense to explore careers that will allow us to play to our strengths.

To help you to find true satisfaction in your work, take a look at what you should be doing here:



The sign for Aries is the Ram and this suits the Aries’ professional personality to a tee. Strong willed and determined, they have lots of bold ideas and love a bit of healthy competition at work.

Fields you’ll thrive in: You’ll do best in commission roles and roles that require you to utilize your bravery, stepping in where others are unable to.

Best jobs: Advertising and PR are perfect environments for you to express your competitive edge and your determination and strong willed nature will see you progress well in politics. A role in the emergency services would give you the chance to prove your bravery and save some lives.



The Taurus loves stability and thrives in environments that can give certain guarantees such as stability, job security, and salary. They are very honest and pragmatic in their approach to work. In addition, they have clear, strong voices, and have a shutterstock_402054988fantastic ability to express themselves, making them good at public speaking.

Fields you’ll thrive in: You have a particular fondness of beauty and when combined with your dedication, you’ll blossom in creative roles that require discipline. Additionally, you are very good with money so will do well in the financial sector.

Best jobs: Flower arrangement, food-stylist or chef, and landscaper are all careers that allow that huge creativity to be let loose, but need a precise eye on them. You will do wonderfully. Banking and financial advisor roles are perfect for your money management skills.



The twins. Gemini’s can do the work of two people, and will get bored quickly if they aren’t kept stimulated. They love having a lot on their plate and being in fast-paced environments, but at the same time, they never feel as though they have enough time to do everything.

shutterstock_345950657Fields you’ll thrive in: You need a lot going on in their work – a variety of people, places, and tasks to interact with – as you’re easily bored. Something in travel works particularly well for this, but any field with a high turnover of work will satiate your hard-working side.
Best jobs: Stockbrokers have to deal with a lot of pressure in their day to day work, leaving barely a second to catch their breath, which makes it perfect for the Gemini that needs that constant stimulation. Teachers and travel agents work with a variety of people and places respectively, so for a varied and fast-paced role, these would be two career paths to look at.



shutterstock_365048603Cancer is the Mother of the Zodiac. They are nurturing, gentle, and motherly. Don’t mistake this for being soft though – Cancers are true matriarchs! They demand respect, take control, and are fantastic at multi-tasking. They are also very protective.

Fields you’ll thrive in: Most medical or therapeutic fields will play to your strengths as a motherly character – you want to make everyone okay!

Best jobs: Social workers, childcare, teachers, human resources, nutritionists. These are all roles that will allow you to look after people through your professional advice and care.



Leo’s are natural born leaders. The lion is incredibly ferocious and likes to lead the charge! They are fearless and shutterstock_108045950independent and thrive on having status. However, sometimes this status might manifest itself as having inspired the people they work with, rather than having a certain job title.

Fields you’ll thrive in: You probably don’t like micro-management, so being in a job with a lot of independence, or being in a management-type role, will really see you thrive!

Best jobs: CEO, manager, you’ll do well in leadership roles. Otherwise, you will positively blossom in a career that sees you take center stage such as performing arts or politics.



Virgo’s are perfectionists and have a strong attention to detail, additionally, they have great memories. However, these traits often mean Virgo’s are also very hard on themselves. They are always cheerful and personable!shutterstock_67445521

Fields you’ll thrive in: A meticulous brain means you’ll do best in roles that require research and statistics, but also in roles requiring multiple languages.

Interestingly Virgo’s will often do well when they are working for tips, so something in the service industry also brings out the best in you.

Best jobs: A writer, critic, or translator role will allow you to utilize your aptitude for statistics, research, and languages. Roles such as stylist, beautician, or server all require personable traits and friendliness, plus with your attention to detail, you’ll have a lot of happy customers.



Charming. This word sums Libra’s up perfectly – they get along well with people and bring people together through their shutterstock_336896045sociability. Represented by the scales of justice, Libra’s will always be just and fair in everything they do.

Fields you’ll thrive in: You’ll need a buzzing environment with a social aspect to it to really flourish. No anonymous cubicles for you! You may also find you have a gravitation towards the arts.

Best jobs: It is this personable aspect to their personalities that makes Libra’s perfect brand ambassadors or team leaders.

Libras will also thrive in legal settings thanks to their fair nature and their ability to read other people.



If you’re a Scorpio, you can probably deal well with high-pressure, high-intensity situations.

You can easily block distraction to remain focussed and you are a curious and intuitive individual. You love to take on complex tasks and are drawn to the abnormal or inexplicable.shutterstock_245570767

Fields you’ll thrive in: You love to understand how things work, taking them apart and putting them back together, so you’ll flourish in the engineering field as well as in criminology. Your ability to work under immense stress will see you excel in pressured environments.

Best jobs: Your curious nature, coupled with secret-keeping skills means you would do very well in a detective or lawyer-type role and jobs that require discretion. The pressured environments that surgeons work in are perfect for you. You need independence and trust when you work so you should aim to be self-employed or have a high level of autonomy in your work.



The Sagittarius inspires morale with ease. They are ethical, philosophical, and spiritual, and love to learn from other people. A Sagittarius will be full of energy and uses humor to diffuse tension. They generally prefer to work in environments free of shutterstock_58983037hierarchy.

Fields you’ll thrive in: You’ll do best in a field that doesn’t have too much of a routine, and careers that allow you to help people will really see you hit your stride.

Best jobs: Working as an animal trainer, or a sports coach will get you meeting a lot of interesting people and allow you to be your own boss.

To explore your spiritual side, you could look to a career in counseling, religion, or other spiritual-based work.



Capricorn is a workaholic. They are serious, organized, and ferociously ambitious. They need a challenge to keep them interested in work and are not afraid of authority!shutterstock_310562189 (1)

Fields you’ll thrive in: As a Capricorn you will certainly keep everyone in line, ensuring that deadlines are met and keeping everyone on schedule.

A managerial position or a workplace in which you are responsible for a number of people will see you flourish.

Best jobs: Work as a manager or in admin will appeal to your organized side. Working in a field such as IT will also ensure that you stay occupied and challenged throughout your day.



These people are total free spirits. They are adventurous and have a really curious side to them, feeling very drawn to unconventional environments. They love to rebel against corporations, but are still incredibly hardworking. They often haveshutterstock_132622640 ideas that are thought of as quite “out there”, but they are still fantastic ideas, so they shouldn’t be afraid of sharing them.

Fields you’ll thrive in: You really dislike monotony in your work, so finding a job that brings new challenges each day should be your main focus. You’re a fantastic problem-solver and love finding new solutions to old problems.

Best jobs: You can really let your creativity run riot in a job such as designer, photographer, or musician.

All of these also allow you to rebel against convention and corporations, plus you get to be your own boss, so each day will bring new challenges. Otherwise, a job in science or engineering will put your problem-solving skills to the test!



True old souls, Pisces is the oldest of all the Zodiac signs. They do very well with traditional arts, and have a burning passion and creativity at their core. Pisces are very intuitive which makes them good at providing holistic solutions to problems.


Fields you’ll thrive in: You don’t ever feel the need to prove yourself to anyone, so working in a field that gives you this freedom will see you do well.

Look for roles that appeal to your sensitive, healing side, such as the medical field, or seek out “traditional” roles that have been around for a long time, erring away from tech-based, modern roles.

Best jobs: Working as a nurse or therapist – especially in music or art therapy – will appeal to your caring side as well as giving you a chance to apply your intuitive problem-solving skills. Otherwise, a career as an artist will see you excel in your creativity.


Make the move

Don’t be afraid to look a little deeper at who you are as a professional individual, you might discover a whole new career that you hadn’t even considered before, but it will feel like it was made for you! Stop working to live, and start living to work.




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