How Do We Know That Energy & Healing Are Real? This is How:

What is energy, what is an aura, and do you have a field of energy around and within your body?

We feel that it exists, that it’s there, but what is the proof that tells us unequivocally that we are right – and not just imagining it?

Luckily, over the years, a number of key scientific experiments have been conducted to answer the question of “Does energy exist?”.


Kinesiology is a muscle testing process that was discovered around the late 60s/early70s.

Today it forms the basis for healing modalities like Sports Science Medicine, Resonance Repatterning and BodyTalk, among others.


Basically kinesiology enables you test whether or not someone energetically resonates with an object or statement.

The word resonate or resonance in energy, basically means that your body and system (mind, thoughts, feeling, soul, energy) are aligned or agree with that item, person or statement.

So, a simple example would be identifying a tissue salt that someone needs. They could hold various salts while pressure is applied to a muscle in their body – usually the arm.

If resistance is encountered when the pressure is applied, then the tissue salt is indicated. If no muscle resistance is encountered, then the person’s system does not need that particular salt.

The Human Consciousness Scale & The Holographic or Morphic Field

Kinesiology on its own has so many applications in terms of healing and release work, but the really exciting discovery that kinesiology lead to was the Holographic or Morphic Field, and then the Human Consciousness Scale.

After the discovery of kinesiology, Sir David Hawkins set out on a very long two-decade research project into the field. As part of this project, Sir David began testing people with a consistent set of statements to see if the results were consistent across people all over the world. They were.

This led to the realization that there is a field of knowledge and information that we’re all connected to, called the Holographic or Morphic Field, and every one of us is able to plug into that field and extract the same knowledge consistently.

It’s like the Morphic Field is the Internet of all things, and our minds and bodies are search engines or devices that can plug into that field and extract whatever knowledge we need.


This then further evolved into an understanding that there is an evolutionary model and path for human consciousness development, and this was called the Human Consciousness Scale.

Questions that Sir David posed during this experiment led to very interesting discoveries, like where Jesus and Buddha ranked in terms of consciousness, and the kinds of emotions that you deal with at each level of development.

High and Low Energy Power Patterns were also discovered, and simply reading these high and low energy power patterns is kinesiologically proven to boost you by 35 points on the Human Consciousness Scale.

View the full Human Consciousness Scale and High & Low Energy Power Patterns here

The Maharishi Effect or Critical Mass

Another interesting finding that you’ll see on the Human Consciousness Scale linked above, is a breakdown of how high vibration energy beings counterbalance low vibration energies in the field.

For example, someone at the level of Christ (700 – 1000), counterbalances 70-million people vibrating below 200. By this measure we’d only need 144,000 enlightened souls to make the global shift a reality.

This was further backed up by studies conducted by the FBI into critical mass or the Maharishi Effect.

The experiment had originally  been conducted on a smaller scale, and basically asked: how many people need to be engaging in an activity for it to impact the population around them?


Following on the original smaller successes, the FBI conducted experiments where they gathered experienced and practiced Transcendental Meditation (TM) Practitioners into major urban centres all around the world, and had them pray or meditate for peace.

During the times the meditations were taking place, consistently, wherever they were, ALL crime and violence rates in the area would drop – by up to 100%.

I’m going to say that again, so we hit your convincer, because this is important:

Every single time people meditated and prayed peace, the entire city around them experienced peace.

And you thought your silly little meditations and prayers had no measurable effect?

Critical mass, as concluded by this experiment, is basically the square root of 1% of any given population.

This means that 1 person immediately impacts 100 people around them, but 2 people impact 400, and 3 people impact 900. 4 people gathered together immediately impact 1600 people around them.

Makes group meditations that much more appealing hey?

The DNA Phantom Effect

Next, we owe a thank you to Dr Vladimir Poponin for his contribution to our logical argument debate.

Dr Poponin did a really cool experiment where he first created a vacuum, and then measured what had happened to the atomic elements inside that vacuum. All the photons and neutrons and protons in other words – the building blocks that EVERYTHING is made up of.

As expected, inside the vacuum, these atomic elements had reverted to a state of chaos and disorder.

Then Dr Poponin did something really cool, he added a piece of DNA into the vacuum.

Amazingly, once this piece of DNA was introduced, all the atomic elements formed a holding pattern around it. When he removed the DNA, the holding pattern STAYED IN PLACE.

When you go for healing work of any kind, what happens is that your body changes on a cellular level, and at the level of your DNA. These changes impact the atomic world around you and create visible changes in your reality.

This is how healing enables you to work on and change EVERY area of your life – not just physical ailments.

The concept that healing only applies to the physical is a limitation of medicine – medicine can only treat the physical and can’t even make inroads into treating mental disorders effectively.

Energy can and does treat everything – from your relationships to money flow to opportunities. And it treats the emotions and the illnesses and can heal what medicine can only manage in many cases.

Water Responds to Emotion


The last really cool energy experiment that you should know about is the work of Dr Masuru Emoto.

His work, entitled Messages from Water, looks at the impact of various stimuli on water.

Basically Dr Emoto takes water and photographs the crystals, and then applies stimulus such as words, music, prayer and pictures to the same water, and then rephotographs it after a period of time.

Consistently, Dr Emoto’s work has shown that water exposed to negativity will show horrific and broken up crystal structures, and water exposed to positive and loving reinforcement will show beautiful and symmetrical crystal structures.

Interestingly, different stimuli create different crystal structures, so the crystal for the word love looks different to the crystal for the word thank you. Different prayers also have a different effect.

Your body is 70% water…. makes you think, doesn’t it?


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