5 Ways To Use Your Intuition To Create The Career of Your Dreams

When one learns to harness their intuition, they may find themselves on the path to the life they truly wish to be living.

Our subconscious mind forms early learned patterns, whereas out intuition is more of a tool we need to tap in to. It encourages discovery, the desire to seek happiness, success and fulfillment. Our intuition can be considered our spiritual DNA, helping us to move through space and time, sending telepathic messages and allowing us to better navigate our relationships. You could consider it the “data” we receive to process before actual events take place.

Tapping into your intuition may fuel a more fulfilling and abundant life, simply because we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to analyze before acting. Below are five tips to assist you in understanding your intuition better, especially when it comes to career moves and choices.

1. Know the difference between instinct and intuition – they are very different.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.47.24 AMOur instincts are there to keep us safe, they urge us to duck bullets and keep our hands out of boiling water.

Our intuition, on the other hand is more of a motivator.

We are pushed forward, moving out of our comfort zone to seek the undiscovered, to cross borders we have subconsciously set.

Instinct will tell you to remain in your current job as it’s safe, where intuition will tell you that you deserve more. You can differentiate between the two by using your feelings associated with the sense you are picking up.

2. Document all your experiences.

Try to keep a journal documenting all your life experiences which made a major impact on you, be it career wise, relationship wise or any other factor. Write down your feelings, insights and senses which were evident at those times. You will have something to refer back to when faced with life changing decisions.

3. Be aware of your mindset at all times.

Your intuition is at it’s best when you are at your best, so avoid tapping in when you’re cranky, stressed or tired. Try to tap in first Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.47.42 AMthing in the morning when your mind is clear from obstructions. When primed by positive feelings, your intuition is much easier to access.

A great example is when “researchers¬†out of the University of New South Wales in Australia had groups of students watch dots moving around on a computer screen and asked them whether they were moving to the left or the right.

However, sometimes, researchers embedded a subliminal image that was designed to trigger an emotional response from participants such as a positive emotion (puppy or baby) or a negative emotion (gun or snake).

Interestingly, results showed that when participants were shown the positive subliminal images, they did better on the task and also felt more confident in their choices.”

4. Intuition isn’t verbose.

Quick, poignant and to the point, our intuition doesn’t tell a story. You won’t be faced with childhood images or horrible feelings relating to your ex boss. It provides us with a simple, comforting sense of knowing which may guide you into taking a tangible action such as asking for a raise or moving to a different team at work. If it feels more like you’re busy drudging up a long explanation, you may in actual fact be tapping into your fears and anxieties.

5. Call on your logic.


Intuition should work with your logical thoughts, never against them. Try to be a bit more logical when making decisions and base your decisions on facts, allowing yourself to go with what feels right.

Try to integrate you intuition with your logic and things will suddenly feel so much easier.

Make two lists when faced with a big career decision: the “intuitive” list and the “logical” list. Give yourself the time to process these lists along with your feelings and you may be quite secure with your findings.

Next step? Go make those big bucks!

With thanks to MGB for the insights

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