6 Powerful Ways To Reconnect With Your Inner Intuition

We are all born with an internal compass that can help guide us throughout life.

That compass is your intuition.

I  am almost certain that all of you have heard of the saying “trust your intuition” or “follow your intuition.”

But before you can follow your intuition, you need to know what intuition means?

The definition of intuition:

Intuition is having the insight about a given situation without the need for conscious or analytic reasoning.

Also, being intuitive means having a certain understanding of something or someone without the need for prior knowledge.

I know it sounds like magic, but it’s simply just your intuition.

Highly intuitive people are so in tune with their inner wisdom and inner compass that they rely on it on pretty much every day of their lives!

Ok, now that you are more familiar with what Intuition means, now let’s explore ways to connect with your inner compass.

When we were kids, we were functioning from our subconscious mind, but as we grew older and life started to teach us lessons we started to function more from our conscious mind.

The conscious mind serves a vital purpose as a safety gate that filters all events, things, and circumstances and helps us differentiate between good and bad, nice and ugly, safe and danger, etc.

The more we depend on the conscious mind, the more we lose our touch with our subconscious mind or our inner compass.

But don’t you worry!

Today, I am going to share with you 6 ways to get you back in touch with your inner guide and re-ignite your sense of intuition.


1. Connect with mother nature


The best way to re-ignite your sense of intuition is to go back to nature.

Mother earth and all the plants and animals out in nature are so in tune and in harmony with their intuitions.

So spending time with some of the most intuitive creatures on earth can help you get in touch with your intuition.

Preferably, put your phone on do not disturb and literally take mother nature in!

Spend quality time with her, breathe the air, smell the plants, listen to the birds and other animals and let your inner compass get a tune-up!


2. Live From Within

Another great way to cultivate a highly intuitive nature is to live from within.

Sadly in our materialistic world, we are always living from the without.

We define ourselves by our jobs, our possessions, our relationships, and we pay no attention to living from within which is our inner values, our inner instincts, and our inner compass.

So ditch the without and live from the within, let yourself synchronize with the universal wisdom, and we let the universal divinity guide you!


3. Be Mindful

yogaMindfulness is an amazing tool to get in touch with your intuition.

You can practice mindfulness in pretty much everything you do.

You can eat mindfully, drink mindfully, shower mindfully, walk mindfully, and these are just a few ways to do so!

The more mindfulness you use in your life the more aware you become of things that are happening both on the inside and the outside.

Awareness is the key that triggers intuition!

When you are aware, you can feel your intuition kick in whenever and wherever you need a little guidance from your inner compass!


4. Meditate

Meditation is another FANTASTIC tool to get you back in touch with your intuition.

When you meditate, you are literally taking a mental break from the daily hustle!Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.59.55 PM

That’s why I recommend meditating daily.

When you sit down or lay down to meditate, you are slowing down your thoughts, and becoming perfectly still and in the moment.

And, when that happens, you are allowing your intuition to resurface.

Stillness opens the mind and the heart to the innate wisdom that resides within you which in turn help you get in touch with your intuition!


5. Journal

In order to strengthen your intuitive sense, you need to be aware of it first.

So the next time you get a hunch or something just seems to have happened coincidentally, write it in a journal.

When you do that, you can find clues of when your intuition was working in the background without you even noticing!

I keep a journal next to my bed as I frequently awake in the middle of the night bursting with ideas and thoughts, so I write them down to investigate when I am awake – that’s my intuition in a full blown working mode!

I also use my smartphone all the times to write down hunches, feelings, things that I am sensing about something or someone and then compare that to past and future notes to see if my intuition is trying to tell me something about someone or something.


6. Use Crystals

shutterstock_236661823 Last but not least, use mother earth’s gift to strengthen your intuition.

Crystals have amazing vibrations that can be utilized to strengthen one’s intuitive sense.

Blue crystals and stones are Ideal for intuitive abilities.

The color blue is a color that helps calm and focuses the mind and when the mind is still, the soul speaks!

Here are few crystals that I use for intuition: Blue Lace Agate, Kyanite,  Hematite,  Moldavite, Malachite, Petalite and Tiger’s Eye.

I actually own all these crystals, but my absolute favorite is the Blue Lace Agate – it’s blue and simply perfect :)


So, there you go!

6 simple, effective and almost free ways to get your intuition back!

Intuition was given to us to guide us during the good times and to alert us of people, and circumstances that we need to be cautious with!

So spend the time needed to get in touch with your intuition!

Cultivate, and strengthen your intuition and simply let your inner wisdom shine!

Till we speak again, live largely, love openly, and always always always trust your intuition.




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