How to Live A 5D Life Within A 3D World

As the global shift and awakening continues to spread, so many spiritual journeyers feel like they’re being torn in two…. conflicted between the 5D energies brewing inside them, and the obligations they have to meet in the 3D world.

Relationships are changing as both men and women around the world are realizing that they want different things in relationships. Most notably men are looking for emotional connection and depth, and women are no longer willing to accept men who do not take care of themselves on the physical level.

Many women are also finding themselves wanting to explore the idea of multiple partners, or polyamory.Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.46.09 AM

Unconditional love has been another evolving energy on the planet, as people come to realize that love is conditional and has equal return. As a result, many of us are setting firm boundaries and putting our foot down in situations and with people where we previously would have backed off and compromised.

Over this time, many journeyers have also felt a strong urge to begin speaking up, and begin speaking and living their truths. An area of irritation that many of these journeyers are encountering is rebellion against 3D authority models – specifically in the area of rules and regulations. shutterstock_163173239 (1) As souls driven by internal ethics and principles, journeyers are ready to stop being treated like children, and want to be able to dance to their own internal tune instead of obey someone else’s petty idea of how things should be done.

In the video we also touch on why and how this is happening to you, the mechanisms of change that we talk about when we use words like ‘DNA upgrades’, and we delve into why it feels like you’ve been on an emotional roller coaster.

Finally, we spend a bit of time discussing what you can do to feel better right now, and more importantly start actively creating the world we ALL want to live in.



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  1. Thank you for sharing! I couldn’t understand why I felt ascended yet the least tolerant I have ever been! There is not much out there on what happens after you get to 5D. I’m like what is all this ego?? I must not be there at all, yet everything else tell me differently! Thank you again. I needed to understand this from a like mind.

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