Realize Everything Is Energy: Regaining Your Power as A Creator

Those who live in harmony with themselves, live in harmony with the universe.

Harmony is agreement, peace, friendship – the polyphony of infinite frequencies. Waves of light and energy vibrating constantly and endlessly, resonating deeply through – and as – All That Is.

Everything is energy.

Scientists and mystics unite in this truth.

The cutting edge in physics states that all matter consist of tiny vibrating strings of energy. Some physicists also claim that everything consists of an intelligent field of consciousness. Energy has a frequency and a wavelength – vibration is everywhere. Only a small part of all this energy is within the spectrum that we can sense through seeing and hearing.

We are still connected to everything and we receive and send out infinite amounts of frequencies all the time. We interact through so much more than just sight and hearing.


Existence is a great field of conscious energy where all parts of creation – All That Is – plays the greatest symphony ever played. There are infinite voices and instruments making up One grand orchestra. Harmony, dissonance, and everything in between is always and already available everywhere.

We can tap into it all at once or one part at a time, letting energy flow through us with ease and ecstasy.

We can flow through life as that same energy.

Letting go of resistance, letting go of turbulence, we are like a beam of light traveling beyond time and space. Eternal Harmony in infinite infinities.

We humans consist of energy – materialized energy – and we emit different frequencies from different states of being. Our mood, our beliefs and thoughts, our alignment with truth – all of this makes up our energy signature.

Brain activity can be measured with an EEG and when we practice meditation we can learn to enter different states, generating different frequencies in the brain. Our brain waves differ all the time – when we sleep, when we learn, and when we are joyful.

Here philosopher Ken Wilber controls his brain waves while meditating. He measures his brain activity with a portable EEG. The activity is lowered to levels under what this EEG can measure, which is pretty impressive.


Everything Is energy. We control the energy that we are. Harmony is important. Harmony is the natural state. Release negativity and resistance – and dissonance and friction will clear.

Tune in to your true frequency, in harmony with all that is. Follow your joy and excitement fearlessly and without resistance. Together we create Global Harmony – A New Earth.

Vegard Paulsen, co-founder of Global Harmony Crew.
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