Spirit Science 3 ~ Channeling

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Welcome to the Revised Channeling episode! We’ve doubled the length of the video to express even more ideas about what channeling is and how it works, and the different ways that it can appear and manifest.

channelingChanneling from my understanding is a way to describe how we communicate with each other, and other species of life. It’s also popularly known as a way to tune in and “channel” a higher awareness than we normally wouldn’t have.

An example from the video is channeling your pets, which is basically a way for you to create a conscious communication with your animal friend.

You’re essentially tuning in on an emotional, and thought based frequency to understand what your animal friend wants and feels.

In regards of Channeling greater and higher forms of consciousness, I’ve actually come to a realization about this in my own life which I would love to share with you.

In understanding what Quantum Physics theorizes about with the shared field of reality, we begin to see that everything is completely connected, that I am you, you are me, we are all each other. There is no separation between any of us.

channeling_switchboardIt sometimes feels easy to understand from a mental perspective, but to live it and feel it actively in our day to day lives is a little bit harder, wouldn’t you agree?

With this understanding, when we “channel” a higher form of consciousness, we are essentially tuning ourselves to a greater awareness of ourselves. This process can become much less “airy-fairy”, and much more grounded.

I think one of the biggest practices we can really do is learn to “channel” each other. Learning to “channel” people. Which means learn how to really create an open channel of communication between people. Finding ways of communicating ideas, thoughts, emotions, and feelings with each other, in a way where we are open to understanding each other clearly.

In the process of doing that, we can open each other up to our higher awareness about who we are, why we are, and what we all really want.


It also creates a communication that is much more down to earth, much more grounded in this dimension. Which focuses on and creates shifts right here, right now, rather than hoping for or wishing that some astral being will communicate with us… the truth is that we ARE those astral beings, and we just need to open up to ourselves, how were feeling, what were thinking, and asking ourselves “Why am i feeling the way i am feeling?”

Channeling is all about emotion, much more than i’d ever realized before. I hope on some level it can help you, it’s done wonders for me.

With love,

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